Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's wack-a-doodle Wednesday...Yes, I'm making that a thing.

I must have missed the memo that went out proclaiming today Wack-a-doodle day. There had to be one because otherwise the crazy people of the world have managed to coordinate themselves to an alarming degree without help, and that's a damned unsettling idea.

I work for a property management firm, and you might think this gives me some protection from the crazy. You would be wrong. While it is rare for me to have direct contact with these escapees from reality, I'm often the victim of secondary exposure. This happens when the crazy ones make the various apartment managers so confounded and confuddled that they call the main office seeking clarification and/or crisis counselling.

In the past twenty-four hours I have had the dubious honour of being verbally accosted in two languages by an angry tenant who failed to understand that they had violated a clause in their lease and they were being given an opportunity to fix the issue before we took further measures. Instead of fixing the problem, they went on the warpath. First they yelled at the on-site manager, and when that didn't work, they called the office.

We were wrong to do this. I was a liar. I was a harasser of innocent people. We were going to be sued. When it was over I got to write up an incident report. A good time was had by all.

A few hours ago, the manager of that same building called me again. (it seems to be her week.) Now, one of the tenants has reported a possible brothel in the building. 

How do they know this? Why, it's obvious!  By spending vast amounts of time observing the security camera footage at the front door of the building, this tenant knows when someone arrives at the building, and then goes to the front door of their suite to spy through the peephole and determine if the new guest arrives at the neighbour's door. There are simply too many people visiting the elderly neighbour for the complainant's liking, thus, it must be a brothel. 

Did I mention that both the complainant and the accused are over eighty? Just mull that over for a bit, I'll wait for you to get over the giggles. 

And while we're on the subject of sex, I should mention that we opened the outdoor pool at that same building this past weekend. We've now got a betting pool on how many days it will be before we have to send the season's first "stop having public orgies in the pool, please" letter. This pool is in the centre of a courtyard, surrounded by apartments on all sides (half of which are for residents over the age of 50). It's about as private as highway intersection during rush hour and has nearly perfect acoustics, but that doesn't stop some tenants from giving a public performance a few times a year. 

Given the way this day is going, I'm going to bet that tomorrow we'll be penning that first "cease and desist" letter. 

The funny thing is, if I tried to put this stuff into my books, no one would believe this sort of thing really happens. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Summoned Series Romances - Release Celebration Sale

To celebrate the May 29th release of Summoned and Bound, I’m putting the first two books in the Summoned Series on sale for a limited time.

Summoned and Sold 

Summoned and Stolen 

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Summoned and Bound - An introduction to the characters

When I started writing the first book in the Summoned Series back in 2013, I created a character only referred to as Mistress. She delivered the heroine of Summoned and Sold to her fate and then vanished from the story. I thought that would be the last time I thought about her, but I was wrong. That small appearance led to another one in Summoned and Stolen, and Mistress kept whispering to me that she had her own story, one that I needed to write. Summoned and Bound is her story.

Gwyneth Annaren is an Elemental, a powerful race of spell-weavers that vanished without a trace more than a hundred years ago. Enslaved when she was little more than a child, she has spent her life in the service of a cruel sorcerer she calls master.

She lives purely in the present, never allowing herself to remember her past or dream of a future where she is free. And then her master summons a gargoyle shifter into slavery, and everything changes.

Vamir Halmar is the Commander of the last Company of Guardians, Garda warriors created in the distant past to protect their creators, the elementals. His life is one of duty, sacrifice, and unwavering purpose. Hunt down the enemies of his people and make it safe for the Garda and the Elementals to live free once more. 

The day he's summoned into a life of slavery, he finds not only the enemy he's sworn to destroy, but a beautiful elemental who fires his blood and calls to his soul. No matter what the price may be, he knows he cannot leave Gwyneth behind. 

You can read more about the Summoned Series

And you can preorder Summoned and Bound at 
(Releasing for sale at Amazon, ARe, B&N and other retailers May 29th, 2015)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cover Reveal - Summoned and Bound

Two souls bound by fate. Two lovers enslaved by magic.

Vamir Halmar is the Commander of the last Company of Guardians. When a summoning spell targets the wrong man and drops Vamir into the enemy’s hands, he discovers his salvation in the form of a beautiful slave with quicksilver eyes and the heart of a warrior.

Torn from her family and home before she had grown into her powers, Gwyneth Annaren has spent most of her life as the unwilling servant to one of the most fearsome Magi. When Vamir is accidently summoned by her master, she finds herself face to face with a living reminder of the past she has forced herself to forget. The handsome guardian is as dangerous to her as he is compelling, tempting her to dream of freedom and an end to her loneliness.

Can they have a future together, or will the price of their freedom be paid in sacrifice and heartbreak?

Now ava

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Releasing in all formats May 29th, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Online Dating Saga Continues

Last week I blogged about my decision to try online dating again, and how it was going so far. Things have been so strange that last week's post now requires a sequel. I can confirm that my online dating curse is alive and working with terrifying results.

The fellow who left me the cryptic messages last week turned out to be an ex-boyfriend from twenty years ago. On the upside, he's not a stalker. On the downside? He's forty-four years old, currently unemployed and living at home with his mother.

Another ex-boyfriend (this one from a different decade) added me to his favorites list and ticked the "I want to meet you," box. Which would be sweet, only we're facebook friends and went out for coffee a few months ago...

After that, it just gets sad. 

I've been contacted by the following men:

  • A thirty-year-old looking for a sugar momma. (Ha! I can't afford to spoil myself, never mind anyone else.)

  • A man with no picture, no personal information, and an "about me" section laden with explicit descriptions of his foot fetish requirements. His email was simple and to the point. "Are your feet as sexy as your smile? Please don't answer if you were a dancer or gymnast." 

  • There was a one-word note "wow," from a fellow who explained in his profile that he is separated, still lives with his wife and kids (with no plans to change that) and is looking for a friends with benefits relationship with a woman with her own place and a car so she can drive him. And he's a pot smoker/drinker.

  • And then there was the email from another no picture profile. "Vry sexy. U like lether?" I checked his profile, and at the bottom of a badly spelled and somewhat rambling bio I found this line. "Mister Grey without the mony, lookin for my Miss Steel without the virginty issue."

I have a feeling that I'm not going to find my Happily Ever After online. I'm going back to smiling at strangers in the produce section. That way at least they won't ask me about my feet...I hope.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I swore I was done online dating...but I wasn't.

Many, many moons ago, I deleted all my online dating profiles, convinced that I was cursed and would have better luck smiling at strangers in the produce section at the grocery store. Given the fact I'm still very single, that didn't work out quite as planned...and so in a moment of weakness I signed up for Plenty of Fish. New profile, new pictures, answered all those questions they ask with a fresh perspective and more attitude.

So far, It would seem I'm still cursed.

It's not that I haven't had any interest. It's that the interest I've gained is from men who aren't quite what I'm looking for. Not a hookup or a hangout, but an actual relationship, with dates and laughter and stuff. The last time I did this, I got a detailed and very polite email from a young man who was looking for a full-time Domme. I had another email from a seventy + year old who was looking for a "travelling companion." He thoughtfully included  several naked pictures of himself.

This time isn't looking much more promising. I've had an invitation to meet with a man and his wife who are active swingers. There was an email from a fellow who explained that he was only in town for a few days, gave me his hotel address in the first email, and used the words "honest and discrete," to describe himself. The computerized matching system informed me that I was highly compatible with one fellow, and when I clicked on the link I burst out laughing as I saw the face of a high school boyfriend. Not so compatible, thank you, computer algorithms.

Today I got an email from a profile with no name and no picture. All it said was "if that is you Sue your still as beautiful as you were when we dated back in the day." 

Flattering, definitely. A tad disconcerting? You betcha.  Did I mention I have no idea who this person is?  The only picture with his profile is of a teddy-bear. What day were we dating in? Hell, which decade? Is he the one that got away, or one of the ones I ran from? (there are a lot more of the latter than the former, the odds are not in my favour here.)

I am not ready to give up just yet, but my optimism is waning fast. We'll see what the next few days brings. I've still got hope I'll get a date out of this adventure. If not, I've got more fodder for my books.

Wish me luck.

Monday, April 20, 2015

New Release ~ Lacey Thorn's Jagged Hearts

This is a hot new release from the lovely and talented Lacey Thorn.

Jagged Hearts
A Knight’s Watch Story

 Five Years Ago: Brutal Attack Rocks Entertainment Industry Paisley Ames can't escape the headline splashed across every news outlet, a vivid reminder of the tragedy that changed her life and still haunts her. Despite the passage of time, she can't heal. She can't let in the man who might show her how to live again. Barrett “Bare” Locke took one look at Jamison Knight’s daughter and saw a survivor. A woman, fierce and strong. Too bad she doesn’t see it. He understands what it is to lose someone you love. If Paisley will give him the chance, he’ll show her how to heal the jagged pieces of her broken heart. But someone doesn’t want Paisley to heal. They want her to remember…until they decide it’s time for her to die.