Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A little Introspection

I’ve been immersing myself in my writing more so than ever before, and it’s showing results. I’ve also transitioned from non fiction to fiction writing for the most part; letting my imagination create the plot instead of the lists and formatted layouts I had been working on before.

I’ve been challenging my muse in new ways, trying new styles. For anyone who reads a list style comedy article and thinks it’s easy?  Try it sometime. Challenge yourself to find ten related elements that no one else has come up with, research them for hours at a time and then transforms facts into humour.  Trust me, its not as easy as it looks. Fiction is a breeze by comparison, or at least it is for me at this particular moment. It might just be that having spent hundreds of hours reading about the sexual dysfunctions and fetishes of the human mind, looking up the proper name for the pretty rings around Saturn and determining if they can be used to destroy the hull of a space craft is a cake walk in the park with easy pie for dessert.  I could slaughter that metaphor further but I think you get the point.

The short story “Itchy” picked up third in the competition I entered, not good enough to win a spot in the book that’s being compiled, but good enough to get me asked to write the introduction for another part of that same book.  More importantly, it has me firmly back in the land of writing fiction, and reminded me that for some strange reason I actually like writing things that scare the pants of myself and other people. For someone who was terrified to watch Jaws or any other creepy thriller movie growing up, this came as rather a surprise to say the least. At forty years old I’m still finding out things about myself,  though I confess I’d rather it was something more along the lines of “lost member of royalty and heir to a large fortune” instead of “surprisingly funny writer who seems to have a dark and morbid streak that goes to the bone.” Ah well, can’t have everything!