Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Vegetable slurry – my quest to eat healthy goes green.

As a kid my mother always was after me to eat my vegetables, a mission that I have had only moderate success with for most of my life. So this weekend I did something I rarely do, I tried something faddish from Hollywood. Green Smoothies.  Having made these babies now, the name is a misnomer. Soylent Green might be closer to the truth.

Let’s start with the colour, green.  Green is an understatement really. Neon, kryptonite, electric green is far more accurate. Some of the recipes call it a “glowing green” smoothie, I thought that was in reference to the glow it purports to give your skin.  Now, I’m pretty sure it’s just referring to the colour. Then there’s the consistency. Now, the recipes I read stress the fact that this is not really a job for your run of the mill kitchen blender. They’d prefer you to go drop several hundred dollars on a “proper” blender for raw food. Given the fact I’m a writer and not a millionaire, I opted to use my standard kitchen appliance. The results were…. Chewy.  Ever try to chew a smoothie? It’s damn strange.

Now, in order to understand why I was chewing this green dietary miracle, I should tell you what was in it: An entire head of romaine lettuce for starters, and several cups of spinach. Yes, cups. Along with 2 cups of water. When that’s blended down to the consistency of that green slime toy my brother played with as a kid,  the next step is to toss in 4 sticks of celery, an apple and a pear, chopped of course, but hey, peels on, we’re going for full fiber and vitamins here. When your blender engine has threatened to catch fire from the stress of beating all that into a liquid like substance, you toss in a banana and blend it again. Voila, a smoothie. Or in my case, a chewy slurry of veggie/fruit glop.

Now I will say this tastes far, far better than you can believe, and I’ve actually managed to consume several servings over the past few days. I say consume, because “drink” just isn’t the verb to describe what it takes to down this concoction. Tasty yes, but its too thick to be a drink, too liquid to be a food, and after about 8 ounces my stomach is very certain I’m full….which is a shame because a serving is double that amount.

My friend (who got me into this idea and takes full blame/credit)  Is now looking into better blenders and continuing the quest for veggie goodness. Her daughter may never forgive her. As for myself, It’s a whole lot of work and organization, so I think for now I’ll be doing this as a weekend only thing. It’ll extend the life of my blender at the very least, and much as I need more vegetables in my diet, I just don’t know that I can drink them.