Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Mutterings

Today was Valentines Day, or as more than one person referred to it in my hearing, “Singles Awareness day.”  I prefer to call it “the day before all the chocolate goes on sale” myself, but that’s a personal choice.

It’s a funny thing, but somewhere along the line people started wishing other people happy Valentine’s Day. I’m not really sure why, this is supposed to be a holiday (the kind without a day off) about lovers and marriage and the wonderful mushy stuff I write about in my novels. It seems odd to have your boss/check out girl/waitress/random stranger telling you to have a good day celebrating when they don’t even know your relationship status.  I tend to avoid going out on this day simply because a reservation is impossible to obtain and the restaurants are invariably crowded to capacity and the kitchens all overworked. This year though, my dear friend and I braved the crowds because neither of us felt like cooking/eating a fast salad/hitting a fast food joint. We ended up at the local pub, and behold, it was damn near empty. Huzzah!  Apparently pubs are not the place to take your significant other on this romantic of days. Business was even slower than usual, meaning we had no trouble grabbing a table and indulging in a heavenly platter of natchos. In future I think this will be my “go to” hang out on Valentine’s Day, dating or single. After all, it has everything you could want,  comfort food, gooey deserts, and booze.

Valentine ’s Day doesn’t really bother me one way or the other, save it marks the end of what I call the “dating silly season.”  This is the time that begins in late November/early December when singles across the country suddenly realize they have no one to bring home for the holidays, start feeling lonely and begin actively looking for that special someone. This quest continues in a frenzy until New Years Eve, slowly ebbs over the New Year, and then spikes up hard and fast just before Valentine’s Day. After that, sanity returns and the pressure eases again until next November. It’s an ugly cycle, but having been in and out of the dating pool for almost a decade now, it’s one I’m intimately acquainted with. 

I’m contemplating dipping my toes back into the dating pool again sometime soon. I know, I know, it’s a dangerous place for me, but a girl needs to get out and take a few chances in life, even if there’s risk of meeting more fellows who forgot they are married or burst into tears without warning. At the worst, it will give me something to blog about when/if it all goes terribly, chaotically wrong.