Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sunspots and Sleep deprivation

I had such plans…

I was going to have banished the dust bunnies, worked on tweaking a novel for submission, organized my life and possibly created world peace if I could squeeze it in. And yet somehow, none of the above actually got completed in the last seven days.

It’s not that anything huge came along and sideswiped my plans, its not that I didn’t have the best of intentions, its just that somehow, somewhere along the way, I ran out of hours in the day and fuel in the proverbial tank. I’m still not sure how it happened. The fresh baked banana loaf in the fridge proves I had time to accomplish something, as does the fact I have home made chicken noodle soup for this week’s lunches. But the cat only has one paws worth of claws clipped instead of two, and I still haven’t washed the windows.

The bathtub is resealed, a chore that made me wish I not only had a spouse or boyfriend, but one that knew more than me about the art of in home maintenance. It’s possible my muse is silicone intolerant and the fumes drove her away, but whatever the reason, I haven’t written this week and even this blog is a few hours later than it should have been.

I could blame Daylight Savings time and the “hangover” it gave me that is only now receding as my internal clock re-synchs with the new time as dictated by the government. There’s some truth in that, but it only covers the last few days and doesn’t free me from what happened the rest of the week. I could blame my cat and her inexplicable need to wake me up at 4am every cursed morning for the past 9 days, shattering my sleep cycle and slowly driving me to the brink of the Cliffs of Insanity. I suspect it was a combination of any number of things; sunspots and sleep deprivation, time changes and poor time management. Whatever it was, It’s now Wednesday morning and I’m chasing myself through my days, still half a step behind and panting for breath.

Maybe by Friday I’ll have caught up to where I’m supposed to be… I hope so, or I won’t be watching the season finale of Walking Dead until the middle of next week.