Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why you gonna call?

Ghostbusters?  Well no, I don’t think we’re actually in need of a paranormal investigation team or anyone sporting a proton pack, but there’s mounting evidence that our new office space is home to more than just a few property managers and a pair of Jack Russells.

There’s been the usual thumps, bumps and unidentified creaks that come with every old house, and this one is nearly one hundred twenty years old, which makes for a fair array of noises. The fact some of the noises sound like a woman’s voice and sometimes I’m sure I hear people moving around downstairs when the place is empty could likely be put off to my imagination, but the lady who stands on the staircase sometimes is a lot more convincing than the occasional creak, and half the staff have now seen her wandering the upper floor.

There’s a room downstairs that tends to make one’s hair stand on end, and now we’re experiencing lights being turned on when no one is about. Today one of the “residents” opened a paper drawer on the photocopier mid-print job, interrupting the job and alerting us all to their shenanigans when the printer chimed an alert. All three of us were in the main office at the time, no where near the printer. Not only do we seem to have ghosts, but they’re not at all shy about announcing themselves.

The former owners of this space did let us know they’d seen the ghost of an older man reading a newspaper downstairs in the foyer, but so far none of us have seen him. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time though, since one thing that brings phantasms and spirits out of hiding quickly is acknowledging their presence. Maybe if we make friends with them all, they’ll leave the printer alone.