Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I sits and I waits and I waits and I waits

I have a book. It’s real. It’s got ink and paper and everything. I just haven’t seen it yet, and the wait is killing me. Why the wait?  Because the physical manifestation of my blood, sweat and imagination is currently in transit from South Carolina to my little patch of Earth, and thanks to having to traverse both customs and a patch of the Pacific ocean, it’s not going to arrive until the day after it was predicted it would.

Right now I feel like Christmas got moved back a day.  It’s still coming, and I will still get to enjoy unwrapping my gift and celebrating, but I wanted it today! Now! I want to see it and touch it and thumb through each and every page, knowing that ever word it contains is mine. Until I have it in my hands, it’s merely a hypothetical book with its reality yet to be confirmed.

As I’ve been working on this book to prepare it for publication, I’ve had to learn a tonne of new skills, build on old ones, and have been utterly grateful for the zigs and zags my life has taken me that has given me the skills I need to pull this off. From image manipulation and graphic design to formatting an eBook for a now disbanded group of dreamers, it all came together to make this dream of mine come true.

It may not be in my hand yet, and it won’t be in stores for another week or so. (If the proof is what I hope it is)  But I can give you a peek at what’s coming.

This, is Alistair’s Bed.  (the cover at least)   I’m excited beyond belief, and I cannot wait to see my dreams all wrapped in a soft cover binding.