Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year - New projects

Last night I finished my third novel. Oh, it still needs to go to my trusted proof readers and have the typos and apostrophe catastrophes fixed, but it is, for all intents and purposes, a completed work. And that means I have down time.

Since I started writing at this level of productivity downtime has been something of a rare commodity, wedged in between my 9-5 job and the (not quite as daily as it really should be) round of household chores and reality. Some days it was much more interesting to abide with my characters in the world I was creating and just ignore the dishes/Christmas decorations boxed but not put away/laundry that needs folding. But now I have down time, and that means I really should get on with all that. Or I could start a new project.
Any guesses on which option I took?

Those of you who voted “new project” congratulations, you’ve been paying attention! Until a few years ago I had a full time gaming hobby that I loved. It involved writing, role playing and working with a group of friends. It’s how I met my best friend and was a joy to indulge in. Sadly the games were a casualty of a divorce within the core group and none of us have played together since. That’s about to change. Three of the four of us are about to rebuild the games we once ran together, and it promises to be as much fun as ever, as well as an ever changing source of ideas for my own writing.

There’s something about a new project that fires up the imagination and gets the creative juices bubbling away. Making plans and exchanging ideas, laughter and reconnecting with old friends. It’s kicked started my new year in more ways than one, and I’m looking forward to doing something I love, with people I enjoy spending time with.