Sunday, September 30, 2012

The old grey mare...

In the interest of honesty I'm not yet grey nor truly old. After this weekend though, I am frightening positive I'm no longer young!

My best friend and I were cleared of her usual Friday night parental responsibilities by means of a sleepover for her teenaged daughter, and thus we planned a bit of an escape. Nothing impressive, just a fine dinner at one of our favourite restaurants and a fun movie, hopefully to be followed by a glass of wine and girl talk afterwards. 

Reality looked quite a bit different a few hours later. The dinner was fabulous, the movie... amazingly well written, well acted, and so sad we both managed to obliterate our make up by the time it was over. We went in expecting a light comedy and got a bittersweet, very real tale of a marriage on the rocks. Given both of us are divorced, that meant it was less light hearted laughter and more of a graphic reminder of days past. In public. While not wearing waterproof mascara.  Oops.

No sooner were we out of the theater by my companion's cell phone is ringing. (she had it off for the movie)  and behold it is her offspring.  Wanting a ride home. Now. Texts were exchanged, plans were made and it was made known to us adult types that the sleepover had been more of a teen party,  with a half dozen older boys, their girlfriends and a marked lack of adult supervision. My friend went into parental frenzy mode and we were off to the rescue.

We grabbed the directions and headed out with a quick stop for caffeinated beverages en route with me as the designated driver. Why caffeine at 10 at night? Because I was going to need it. Between us and the teen in question was over 50 km of highway driving. Over a mountain full of s-curves and steep inclines on which night time accidents are common. In fog/cloud cover. To a location so remote once we made the highway turn off we saw more wildlife than streetlights.  A far cry from the glass of wine we'd be planning on.

The teen was recovered, the drive was survived, and I dragged myself to bed sometime after midnight, feeling like I could sleep for a week.  I spent yesterday feeling as though I had a hangover, only without the fun bit first. As I crawled into bed at an embarrassingly early 9 pm  last night it occurred to me. There was a time in my life when I could have managed all of that, and danced until dawn and STILL managed to face the day with some semblance of energy.  Those times, they are behind me now.

In honor of this discovery I think I need to do something extreme.  I just had my hair dyed platinum blonde... but perhaps I should consider purple next time. Or maybe it's time for me to get another tattoo.  I need to reclaim a bit of my youth and get my rebel on before I find myself in a rocking chair telling the kids to get off my lawn.