Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday Threads contest

This week: An honourable mention!

Thanks again to Siobhan Muir for running this contest and having some great posts and guest judges.

Prompt this week:  "All around him mindless souls wandered."


He was dead. That had taken a long time for him to accept. At least he thought it’d been a long time. Time was hard to judge here. It might have only been a few days, it may have been years.  Death wasn’t what he’d expected either. One minute he’d been driving along the freeway, the next minute he was here. No white light, no friends or loved ones waiting with open arms. 

All around him mindless souls wandered. No angels, no demons, only the souls of the dead, wandering in aimless circles for eternity under an endless grey sky. At this point he’d welcome the Grim Reaper himself. At least the big, boney guy would relieve the monotony. Maybe he’d bring his chess board.

He spotted a new arrival and waited. They always asked the same questions. Where am I? What happens now?

“Brad?”  The voice was familiar and he made himself look more closely at the old woman standing in front of him.

“Jessica?” His wife had been young and beautiful when he’d died. Had it really been that long?

“It is you. You look just the same.” She smiled and in that moment she was transformed back into the young bride he’d left behind.

He reached out to hug her and the moment they touched his grey world vanished. Colours bloomed, the air sweetened & music filled his ears. He finally understood. He hadn’t finished his journey; he’d been waiting for her. So they could go together.