Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Twitloggering with the facingbook thingy. Or Why I need to buy a smart phone.

I’ve been making a concerted effort to up my social media presence of late. That meant blowing the dust off my twitter account, relocating my blog and training myself to check Facebook more than once a week. Throw in my siren yahoo groups and suddenly it feels like I’m more networked than CNN.

What does all this mean? It means I need a damned smart phone.  I only joined the 21st century in 2011 and got a regular cell. I didn’t want one, but the time of resistance finally ended when my best friend offered me her old one for free when she upgraded to an iPhone and left me choking on her technological dust.  I got a simple plan, activated the phone and learned to text. I know, I know. A degree in web design, twenty years of daily computer use, and I was a cellular virgin. I’m aware of how odd it was, but I was proud of my cell-free status.

Now I’m staring a new reality in the face, and I want to stamp my feet in protest. It’s time to give up my landline, buy a cell phone and accept the fact I live in the future. The one where information flows at the touch of a button, a luxury we all pay for by in the form of an electronic tether that ties us to our devices while making us instantly accessible to anyone from family to insurance salesmen.

There’s one last reason I’m not looking forward to this technological leap. I have to make a choice. iPhone or Android. I’ve got friends in both camps, and I suspect some of them will never speak to me again if I make the ‘wrong’ choice. I’m old enough to remember VHS versus Betamax. I hoped I wouldn’t live long enough to see such dark days come again.