Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A wonderful dinner invitation for a wonderful cause

 My employer is a staunch supporter of the United Way charity, and every year she buys an entire tables worth of tickets for their annual fund raising dinner. 

This year she’s invited me to come, and I can’t wait!  It’s a full blown Chinese feast, with exotic fare that is as far away from fried rice and chop-suey as you can imagine. Some of my favorite foods  were discovered the last time I garnered one of these treasured invitations, and I am looking forward to another chance to attend.

 A rowdy and good spirited auction is always part of the fun, and people with far more money than I have bid for some very choice prizes. My favorite prize is the firemen’s dinner. As in the winning bid earns the right to have 3-4 of these fine fellows come to their home and cook dinner for six of their nearest and dearest. Now I haven’t got deep enough pockets to fund anywhere close to a winning bid, but one of the perks of this event is that my employer always pulls rank and has the representatives from the fire hall at her table. Two or three of them, all in their dress uniforms. Yum! Any questions as to why I’m looking forward to this event?

So next week I will be taking a break from writing, working and my own cooking to enjoy a feast for the eyes as well as my tummy.

Who knows, maybe there will be inspiration for a book somewhere in the night’s events.