Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Excerpt from Alistair's Bed

I thought I'd share with you a snippet from my first novel:  Available over at Amazon

It didn't take long for Keri to fall into a dream, one that felt terribly familiar.  It should, she’d had it countless times in the last few months.  She was walking alone on a beach she had never seen in life. The ocean was the color of granite and the waves crashed high on the sand. She had lost something, something precious, but she didn't know what it was. She only knew that it was gone and she needed it back.

She started to jog, then to run, her bare feet stinging from the stones and shells she stepped on. The wind came up and tossed sea spray in her face, blinding her.  Unable to see she tripped and fell to her knees with a sob.

Part of her cringed, knowing what came next: the sense of failure and then the massive wave that would rise up and crush her. The dream always ended just as the cold water surged over her, blocking out the world.

This time though, the dream changed.  Someone was with her.  She felt a pair of strong hands lift her off the sand, cradling her close to a warm chest.  She threw her arms around her rescuer and clung to him tightly as he carried her away from the storm.

* * * *

Deep in the void Alistair had felt her energy, savoring it like the finest of wines. It had been so long since he’d touched the essence of any woman, but this one— he could already sense her passion, her strength. His first meal in centuries would be no paltry mouthful, she would offer him a feast.

As the woman fell deeper into slumber he sent out delicate tendrils of thought, linking her mind to his. He slid into her thoughts and touched her memories, a skill all his brethren shared. Seduction was so much easier when you knew your target’s language and customs; what they craved, what they yearned for most. He found her name, Keri. He tamped down his hunger and focused, gleaning what he needed to know before gathering what little strength he had left and weaving himself into her dreams.

He’d never experienced another person’s nightmare before, nightmares were hardly the easiest place to start a seduction from, but he hadn't got the energy or the patience to wait for an easier dream to step into. His gaze dropped to the red haired woman in his arms as he cradled her closer.  It had been hard to watch her fear and pain grow, to wait for the right time to appear.  The moment he’d seen her he’d wanted to save her, protect her from the darkness of her own mind.  Such courage and so much sadness blended together in one beautiful package.  

He leaned down and brushed a kiss to her brow, feeling his hunger leap at even that small touch. By Styx he needed this woman, wanted her beyond anything he’d felt before and they’d only met in a single dream. What would it feel like when he was strong enough to stand in her world and hold her for real? He couldn't wait to find out.