Thursday, October 18, 2012

Inspiration struck last night

Last night was the charity dinner I blogged about earlier this week, and I had a wonderful time supporting a wonderful cause.  And I was rewarded with... firefighters.  *squee!*

They had both worked the day shift, and so they made their entrance well into the evening. As room was made at our table (right beside me, thank you gods)  several of the guests at the table grinned at me and told me to behave myself. Me! A paragon of virtue and good manners! I merely grinned, winked and said I was planning on using them for inspiration only.

When it came time for them to stand up with the auctioneer and start the bidding for an 8 person dinner cooked by 4 lovely firemen,  inspiration did indeed strike.  It wasn't the fact they both were handsome, well built and manly even in matching PINK "support breast cancer" uniform shirts.  It wasn't their broad shoulders or tingle inducing smiles. It was the fact they were both blushing. From the moment the bidding started until the last $1100 offer won the price, they were both adorably unsettled. Send them into a burning building and they were good to go, but standing there in front of 300 people as the bidding got going and the jokes flew, and they both looked as nervous as boys at their first school dance.

By the time I got home, an idea was forming, and as I tried to sleep last night they were already talking to me, telling me their stories and what they were looking for in a woman. Their story is already being planned as I type this, and the way they are carrying on in my head, I suspect it won't be long before I have to write it  all.