Sunday, October 7, 2012

My new book has just been submitted to the publishers

I swear pushing that "send" button on my email is as much of a rush as jumping out of an airplane, only without the howling wind and the need for gravol.

I have a bad habit of going over things until I make myself nuts, and today was no exception. I swear I had that email typed up, addressed, doc attached and ready to go for half an hour before I finally managed to send it on it's way. 

Now that I've gotten over the initial "What have I done, maybe I should have gone over it one more time"  reaction, I can finally relax. At least for an hour or so, Then I need to get going on the edits for the my next WIP.

Tomorrow I plan on spending the day with my mum, enjoying Thanksgiving, so today I have to earn all those calories!