Sunday, October 21, 2012

#SixSunday - Saved by Sin

Starting this weekend I'll be starting a new tradition, and getting involved with the Six Sentence Sunday fun.  It's a six sentence sneak peak at what's going on in my writing world at the time.

For this week, it's a glimpse into Saved by Sin.  book one of the Paladin Protection Agency series.

* * * *

He’d slept without a single nightmare. That hadn’t happened since the attack. He knew it was because of Michelle, as surely as he knew the sun rose in the east and eggs burned if one left them cooking too long... Shit! He realized he’d let his attention wander and grabbed a spatula, rescuing the eggs from overcooking. That summed up the impact she was having on his life right there, distracting him and setting his nice, orderly life off-kilter. He snorted with laughter at himself. Yeah, right, she wasn’t the reason he was up here, hiding from the world. He’d managed to screw himself up just fine, all by himself.