Sunday, October 28, 2012

#SixSunday - Whispers in the Dark

Thoughts of her drove him as he ran, her face, the bitter tang of her fear, the taste of her blood as he had sucked on her finger like a nursing babe at the teat.
Part of him wanted to go back, to transform into a mist that could flow like water around any barrier and return to her office again. He would take her the way he once would have, openly and uncaring who saw his face, striking down anyone foolish enough to stand in his way. His bloodlust burned at the memory of the old days, when few dared to interfere with him and he could hunt as he pleased. That was before the Brethren had come, before the prey had learned to be hunters.
The remembered threat of the Brethren dampened his rage, reminding him that things were not as they once were.

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