Monday, October 8, 2012

Sneak peek at Whispers in the Dark!

Adult Excerpt for Whispers in the Dark:   
Coming to Siren 10/23/12

Gareth’s body gloried in the sensation of having her warm and willing in his arms at last. It didn’t matter how they’d come to this point, all that mattered was that she was his for this moment, and he’d be damned if he was going to let her go. She’d been a fire in his blood since she’d opened the door of that motel room, making him ache for her with every word and move. If any other woman had pointed a gun at him he’d have taken it badly, but when Kyra had done it, all he wanted to do was kiss her again and again.
Her skin was slick and warm from the bath, their bodies gliding over each other as he kissed her deep and coaxed her tongue to tangle with his. His hands wanted to be everywhere, laying claim to each and every inch of her sweet body. He settled on her breasts, unable to hold back the growl of satisfaction at finally having their warm weight in his palms. As she arched herself into his hands his lust spiked and he groaned into her mouth, her responsive body making his already-hard cock even stiffer.

His fingers found her nipples, plucking and teasing until they stood out from the soft globes of her breasts, hardened pebbles he could roll between his fingers. He heard her panting breaths turn to a whimper of need as his fingers continued their sensual torture, and he lifted his head to watch. “You are so beautiful,” he told her as his eyes drank in the sight of her naked body, flushed both with the heat of their shared bath and her growing desire.

Her soft fingers touched his cheek and she smiled up at him. “Make me feel alive, Gareth, please.”
“With great pleasure.” He began kissing his way down her body, sampling her skin with slow swipes of his tongue. He worked his way lower, fighting his own impatience every second. He wanted nothing more than to roll her onto her stomach, lift her hips in the air and take her hard, but he knew she deserved so much more. This was a woman the fates believed could be his match in all ways. He would win her over so that when the day came she had to make her choice, there would be no hesitation.

Kyra arched beneath him as his mouth found her breast and suckled on it hard, drawing the soft flesh into his mouth as his tongue lapped at her nipple. He released her with a soft pop of breaking suction and gathered both breasts in his hands, lifting and pressing them together so he could move from one nipple to the other, back and forth until he heard her cry out his name. Even then he didn’t stop. Her soft cries continuing as he carefully shifted his body to kneel between her legs, his mouth still busy laving at her breasts.

Her nails scored his shoulders and she bucked beneath him, one leg lifting to curl around his thigh. “Need you,” she whispered, her voice making his balls tighten and his blood sing.

“I need you, too, sweetheart.” He lifted his head and kissed her, then moved backwards to the edge of the bed, using her legs to tug her along with him. He dropped to his knees and moved her closer, lifting her legs up over his shoulders so that her calves hung down his back. The soft musk of her arousal hung in the air between them and he inhaled deeply. “I need to know if you taste as good as you smell.”

His thumbs parted her delicate folds as he swiped his tongue slowly over her already-moist flesh. Feeling her tense, he did it again, exploring her with barely restrained eagerness as she mewled and arched her hips higher, wanting more. He lifted his eyes and watched as she kneaded the coverlet like a contented cat, her fingers bunching into the fabric and her breasts heaving. His tongue swirled, tantalizing her with the barest touch to her clitoris before moving away again. Hearing her moan in protest he chuckled and gave her what he knew she craved, suckling the tiny bud of nerves into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue.

Her soft cries became louder, and she arched like a bow drawn taught, her thighs quivering as he continued with relentless determination. He was on a mission to erase every memory she had of the  touch and replace it with ones of him. His hands touching her, his mouth giving her pleasure. Sensing she was teetering on the edge of orgasm, he moved his hand and slid two fingers deep inside her channel. Her inner muscles gripped him tight and he groaned at the tight heat that surrounded him. Fingers and tongue worked in concert, stroking, sucking and then she was shuddering hard, her breath coming in broken gasps as he felt her body contract and writhe through an orgasm that left her lying limp on the bed.

Easing her legs off his shoulders one at a time, Gareth pressed a kiss to the inside of one thigh and stood. “Don’t move.”