Sunday, October 21, 2012

The never-ending cycle continues

Despite a badly timed power failure, a randomly appearing headache from hell and all the other distractions of daily life, I've gotten my edits completed on Saved By Sin!

This is only my second time through this process, and I was very pleased to see where I had improved since last time, and where I'd wandered off the grammar path and into the proverbial weeds. Opening the edited document is a bit like checking your grade on that really key paper back in school.  You know the odds are it isn't going to be perfect, but you wind up with a gut full of mutated, 10lbs butterflies as you peek to see if your paper is a sea of red ink or merely a few margin notes.

Now that Sin is back in the hands of the editorial experts,  I will take the rest of the day to tweak my next WIP with everything I learned doing edits. Once that's done i will dot all the i's and cross all the t's and submit it for consideration. It's the sequel to Saved by Sin, and I hope you all get a chance to enjoy it soon.

It looks like Saved by Sin has been tentatively set for a December 18th release, more on that when we get closer to the date!

Book three in the Paladin Protection Agency is also 7k words into existence, with time off for editing book one!  I can see this might become the new (and absolutely amazing) cycle of my life. It's wonderful to have books actually being released, edited and in progress all at the same time! Even if it has required an up-tick in my coffee/tea consumption.