Tuesday, October 2, 2012

When Characters rebel

I have a mug of chocolate orange pu-erh tea in one hand as I type this, and every time I look out the window I can see yet another leaf waft by on its way to becoming compost. Yep, it’s definitely Autumn out there. And it’s not exactly warm in the office today either. If it gets any cooler I’m flipping on the fireplace. (Have I mentioned that the company has the most amazing office space ever?)

I am up to my eyeballs in paperwork for my “real” job today, so writing/editing is on hold until I find my desk under the tsunami of documents and spreadsheets that landed on it this morning. I know it’s under here…somewhere.

The break is likely a good thing, since last night I spent healthy portion of my REM sleep getting into what can only be called “a conflict of creative visions” with the characters of my latest series of books. I don’t know what I ate/drank/inhaled to trigger these dreams, but by morning I was more than happy to get up and away from those increasingly obstinate figments of my imagination.  Being a writer means you are going to hear voices in your head. Characters will speak to you and they love to whisper everything from plot lines to their life stories as they evolve and interact with each other.  You get used to it.

This was something different. I kept dreaming scenes from my books, but they were intermixed and the villains from one were interfering with the heroes from another. And at one point I’m pretty sure I had an unplanned ménage going on behind the scenes. Every time I woke up, I was annoyed. And I woke up a great many times last night as the dreams seemed to get more and more convoluted. By the end I was directing the action like a movie, yelling “cut” and trying to convince my characters to do what I had written and to quit adlibbing. They were having none of it.

It’s a shame I can’t actually remember what they were trying to do, because I’m sure there’s another book in there somewhere. Hopefully my muse was paying attention and can relay the good bits to me in her next moment of inspiration.