Monday, November 12, 2012

DYI gone awry

This morning started out reasonably well, but  it started going sideways fast and I was powerless to stop it.  Here's how it's unfolding so far:

10:20 am

I had a plan. It wasn't a grand plan, but it would have seen me kept pretty busy today.  Winter storms have stripped the last of the leaves off the oak trees out front, and that means that it's time to get my condo all winterized. Heat on, windows sealed, and this year I decided I would be ambitious and put up a $15 kit to seal my deck's sliding glass doors. I have a cat door insert in one of them, and it leaks far too much heat.

I headed out to the deck to wash down the soon to be sealed glass, and noticed I needed to change over Daisy's kitty litter. No problem, a two minute fix... and ... no.  I managed to trip and drop an entire litter box worth of mess all over my office's hardwood floor.  Yeah,  doing the floors was on the day's list, but not like this!  Ew.  And again I say, EW. And that's just about enough descriptive text for anyone who's ever emptied a litter box.

11:05 am
The floor is cleaned, though the smell lingers and I'm going to need to keep the door I planned on sealing opened a bit longer to air out the place. Blergh. Fresh litter is now in the shiny clean litter pan, and I type this while I am waiting for the double sided tape I put up on the frame to "cure" for twenty minutes. And my hair to dry. Helpful tip. When using the hand held shower to rinse out things, it's important to switch the flip from "main nozzle" to "hand held" before turning on the water. Otherwise you're going to get deluged with ice cold water as you bend into the tub.  While I was drying off/changing was when I determined I had brilliantly left the bag with the sealing kit in the car, and so had to run outside to get it. 

Also, double sided sticky tape is the Devil's work. It was easy to put up, sure, but it was a complete BITCH to separate the liner from the actual sticky part of the tape once it was up. I broke two nails and swore so hard I scared my cat, who was trying to "help me" by stealing bits of tape liner and attacking the curtains, all while happily shedding over the exposed sticky tape.  Also, being 5'2 means I cannot even REACH the top of the patio door without a stool... adding to the fun and challenge.

11:30 am
Double sided sticky tape may be the invention of the devil, but a sheet of shrink wrap comes a close damned second. Especially when one lives alone.  I am now hot, sweaty, and violently adverse to ever doing this again. Ever. Heat loss be damned, next winter I'll find a better way. The wrap is up, now I just need to "simply set a hair dryer to it's highest setting and heat the plastic until all wrinkles and creases are gone."
This isn't going to be simple. The gods aren't that kind.

11:53 am

Operation Shrink wrap was an success. Mostly.  It would appear that my hair dryer is not hot enough to actually 'shrink' the wrap as advertised, but eventually it snugged it up enough it's not flapping like laundry on a wash line. At this point, I'll call that good enough and tick it off the to do list. That just leaves me with casseroles, quiche, laundry and writing.

Screw it, I'm taking a break.  I need ice cream smothered in Bailey's liquor and chocolate sauce if I'm going to get through the rest of this damned day.