Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Suffering a touch of Gadget Envy

Sometime soon, I'm going to be upgrading my computer. My current one is four years old and has earned the right to be retired with grace, instead of dying suddenly while Iscream threats at it's dead carcass and  desperately try to figure out how to get it to work just long enough to do one more back up. (don't laugh, we've all been there!)

And so, last night my best friend and I headed off to see what was new in the world of electronic abacuses. Oh my, was I ever dazzled!  I had somehow missed the fact that the newest machines are touchscreen driven, all shiny and looking like a cross between an ipad and a flat screen tv. I was suitably impressed. There may have been drooling. It was the next step in what I've been waiting for since Hollywood has been promising me for years. 3D hologromatic interactive computers.  I wants! Screw hover cars and jetpacks. I want to be able to flip, twist and fling icons and images around in real space. Just because I think it looks too cool not to do it. (don't judge me)

There were however, a few small issues that I noted once the drooling stopped. For starters, batteries. The keyboard and mouse were both wireless/battery powered. Seriously? When I am online and working on my word count 8 hours plus a day, I do not want to be replacing my batteries every week. Those things are not cheap! This seemed a very mundane tech to be attaching to something as cool as a touchscreen computer system. The keyboards themselves weren't too impressive either. More laptop style than "real pc", and as anyone who has had to type on a laptop keyboard for more than an hour at a time can attest, comfort and durability are going to become issues. And there were a whopping TWO usb ports. Two!  Again I will say: seriously? Two is not enough for a world where every MP3 player/camera/kindle etc needs to spend time snuggled up to a PC.

Then there was one last itty bitty issue that made me decide that even if I did have the money, I wasn't going to invest just yet. While we were gleefully flicking and scrolling around the screen, the entire monitor keeled over backwards. A thousand dollar rig, supported by what turned out to be a 99 cent stand. Not Good!  It ended up only falling backward a few inches before being caught by the back wall of the shelf unit it was sitting on. (thank the heavens above)  but it made both of us retreat post haste.

One day I will own one of those. But not this time. This time I need a workhorse. Something that can support both my writing and my need to hurl angry birds at egg stealing green pigs. I'll give it a few more years for them to work out the bugs. And figure out how to build a decent stand. But still,  part of me still wants one.