Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is it time for more ink?

 I always swore that I wouldn’t get another tattoo until I had something to celebrate. Yep, I said another. I was a very straight laced kid for the most part, but I shifted into a different orbit once I became an adult. So today’s question is, do I add to the collection?

 Just for reference, I’ve got a dragon on my pec and a tiger’s face claiming real estate over one shoulder blade. What am I considering next? I’m thinking of something a little different: a wrist tattoo.

I have been considering getting the word “Exordium” tattooed in script over my right wrist. It’s the Latin word for a beginning, specifically of a written work or speech. It would mark the year I finally went from being an aspiring author to being a straight up author.

I’ve always been selective with my tattoos, (Unlike my hair colour, which changes with such regularity my friends and family have given up trying to guess what shade it’ll be the next time I visit.)  I’m still in the final commitment stage, but I suspect some time early in the New Year I’ll be sporting a new tattoo.

If you have your own tattoo story, or want to chime in on whether or not I should get another one, leave a comment in the comment section, I’d love to hear from you.  (Unless you are my mother… :P )