Friday, November 2, 2012

The best laid plans of mice and writers...

I awoke this morning with plan. It wasn't elaborate. It wasn't complicated. But it would see me through this day and a goodly portion of this weekend. By 9:30 am this morning, the plan had died a tragic death, victim of that brutal killer known as Murphy's Law.

I should have known something was off when I was woken up not by the loving purrs of my cat or the invasive drone of my alarm, but by the soul-piercing, agonizing electronic chirp of a smoke detector low on batteries. As the cat fled for the closet to escape the hellish noise, I dragged myself out of bed, stagged to find a chair and managed to pry the offender off the ceiling. Just in time for it to chirp in my face.

I got fresh batteries installed and reattached it to the ceiling. (Being that I am a towering 5'2, this is no easy feat and requires stretching while standing on a chair in a nightshirt and praying I didn't fall and require a visit from the paramedics before it was done.) And as I stepped down off the chair, my morning alarm went off. So much for 5 more minutes of warm, snuggly bed time.

During the night my muse had delivered a brilliant plot idea to me, but twenty minutes of research this morning vetoed the idea. Muse vs Mythbusters, it turns out what I wanted to do...won't work. Nix that idea, and on to Plan B. Or is it D? This particular scene is being sticky, but I'll get it pinned down eventually.

And that leads me to the plans for this weekend. I was going to putter away at book #3 in the Paladin Protection series and spend a great many hours reclaiming my home from the clutter fairies who seem to have taken up residence. It couldn't have anything to do with the hours I'm spending at my computer, writing instead of keeping up the house... nope. I'm going to go with clutter fairies. But back to my poor, dead plan. I had just finished the final, final, final check over of Saved by Sin's final edits and was about to hit submit, when the first round edits for On Jason's Watch (Yes, book 2 has a title now!) appeared in my inbox. Book #3 is going to have to wait a few more days.

So now it's 11 am and all my plans have been obliterated. But I have coffee,  Halloween candy and a whole weekend still before me, so I shall soldier on. And if anyone knows where I can find some cleaning fairies? I'm willing to give them a good home.

I hope your weekend plans are all going well! And if they are not, feel free to share your pain in the comments section. Misery loves company.