Friday, December 7, 2012

Cover Reveal - On Jason's Watch

This morning I was cheerfully surprised by the appearance of the cover for my second book in the Paladin Protection Agency Series!   Here's the reveal for On Jason's Watch.

Jazz Masters wants to be normal. It’s just that normal isn’t easy to achieve when you’re a werewolf. Living in fear of the monster that lurks inside her, Jazz has created a safe, isolated world for herself where she can maintain control of her darker half. That carefully constructed world comes crashing down the night she crosses paths with a pack of vicious werewolves. With the pack on her scent and her life threatened, Jazz turns to the Paladin Protection Agency for help.
It only takes one look at Jazz for Jason Waters to know he wants her, and not even the revelation she’s a werewolf can make him change his mind. Now that she’s found Jason, Jazz finally has everything she’s dreamed of. She just needs to survive long enough to enjoy it. With her world threatened and her very soul at stake, Jazz must find the courage to come to terms with her wolf before she loses everything.

 You can read more about the second installment of this series Here.

Christine outdid herself again!