Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm suffering from a reading hangover

The first week of the month is designated "hell week" where I work. Well, to be honest, that's what I call it. Everyone else in the office calls it "the week Susan's really busy but the rest of us are fine." So why, at the beginning of hell week,  was I up reading until 2 am last night? Call it a lack of judgement if you want, but really it was just a really good book.

 Yes, today I'm fuzzy headed and mainlining coffee, but it was worth it. Some books just drag you into them so completely that you find yourself lost to the passage of time. Last night I was reading one of those books, and if it wasn't for the screaming windstorm that finally dragged my awareness back to reality, I probably would have read for another hour or three. Granted, the storm then managed to keep me awake for another hour on top of it anyway, but at least I was "resting my eyes" by that point.

And so today I'm suffering from a hangover of a sort, which is going smashingly well with the aching neck and swollen hands I'm currently sporting thanks to two straight days of data entry. Given that I type at least 2k words a day on a normal writing day without a problem, you now might have a good idea of why I call this hell week.  (/end whining)  It was still worth it because there's something amazing about a story written well enough that mere words on a page can transport the reader into a different world without the use of surround sound, 3D, CGI, or special FX. A well written story is a type of magic all it's own.

I'm counting down the hours until I can get home and get that book in my hands again, though I swear this time I'm going to get in at least seven hours of sleep. I guess it depends how long it takes me to finish it. And then I'm going to be sad, and likely start reading the series over again.

Here's hoping you all find one of those stories that just whisk you away from reality the next time you pick up a book.