Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Release day Ramblings

Saved By Sin was released today, which means I was up at 5:30 am just to visit the Siren website and grin at seeing my book title front and center of the "new release" section.

I'm obviously pleased as punch to see another book in print, but I've not yet had time to reflect in the glory of it all. Instead today has been a chaotic whirl of work, promotion and oh yes..that holiday coming up...CHRISTMAS!

And so, here's a quick peek into the highlights of my day so far, just for your entertainment.

Talked to my mother on facebook and asked for clarification on whether I am bringing the stuffing this year. Answer:  I don't know and I'm not getting involved, talk to your father.  Yep, that helped! Thanks mom!

Managed to submit my novel for review to a number of places, then realized I submitted it to the same one twice. *facepalm*

I am still trying to get our next D&D campaign organized, but tracking down geeks is like herding cats. The little buggers keep disappearing on me and no one comes when they're called/emailed.

I still need to wrap the presents I've gotten, but at least the shopping is done. (I think..I hope...oh please don't let me have missed anyone.)

 Sometime this week I need to buy the rest of my Christmas Eve grocery list. But first, I should really write down the list instead of trying to keep it all in my head, I just know that isn't going to go well.

I really need it to be Friday right now so I can have a weekend to get organized. The trouble is, the only weekend left is the one right before Christmas, and I don't think I'm ready!

Here's hoping your holiday plans all go smoothly!