Friday, February 15, 2013

A silly little flash fiction something I wrote

Siobhan Muir hosts a weekly flash fic contest (and a really fun one to read through, trust me, go check it out.)  This week I won the bragging rights to the "Funniest Story"  entry and I thought I would share.

Rabbit Hunting

“Be vwery quiet, we’re hunting wabbits,” Trish lisped.

“What good does it do to go hunting today and where the hell are we going to find a rabbit in the middle of Chicago?” I ask and then stopped talking as a shambling wreck of former humanity swung its rotting face in our direction. Hell, I stopped breathing. Fun fact, even if their ears have rotted off, zombies still have excellent hearing.

“Trust me,” Trish whispered once the creature shambled off again. She grinned and rubbed her hands together, and I can’t tell if it’s with glee or to ward off frostbite. “It’s clear, let’s go.” I take deep breath and prepare to run like my life depended on it, because it does. We’re all on the “move your fat ass or get eaten,” workout these days.

When we get there, I kept a lookout while she jimmied the lock. I’m not sure where we are yet because I was too busy watching for zombies to pay attention. Once we get inside, I figured it out fast. The bondage gear was a dead giveaway. I stare at the ball gags and floggers in confusion. “Why are we in a sex shop?”

Trish giggled and headed to the back of the store, returning with a box that she tossed to me with a smirk. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Lissa. Batteries are by the counter.”

I turn the box over: it’s a rabbit vibrator. She really did find a rabbit in downtown Chicago.