Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A sneak Peek at Riptide!

Here's your first look at my newest novel, Riptide. It's coming to Siren-Bookstrand Publishing on April 11, 2013.

It's the first book my new Kismet Cove series and introduces a colony of seal shapeshifters known as selkies that are living in secret on the wilds of the Canadian west coast.


Rory Frazier is destined to be the next leader of Kismet Cove, a secret colony of seal shapeshifters known as selkies. The catch? Rory can only claim his birthright if he and his blood brother Evan Sinclair find a suitable mate. 

Jessica Jones has come to Tofino to reclaim her life and move on from the grief of her mother’s death. Jess just wants time alone and space to heal, but kismet has something else in store. After a rogue waves sweeps her out into the frigid Pacific Ocean, Jess is rescued by two handsome men who heat her blood and help to heal her wounded heart.

Time’s running out for Rory and Evan. They need to present the colony with their chosen mate and tell Jess the truth about who they really are. When their secrets are finally revealed will their new found love survive, or will the emotional riptide tear the three of them apart forever?

Story Excerpt

Jess knew there was a reason she should open her eyes, but for the life of her she couldn’t figure out what it was. It was easier just to drift in the comforting warmth that surrounded her like a cocoon than to puzzle out what was wrong. She was warm, and Evan had said she was safe… Jess’s brain slammed on the brakes and then reviewed her last thought and a second later she was sitting up in bed, her arms crossed over her nearly naked chest as she stared down at the blond god looking up at her in alarm.

“What—” was all he got out of his mouth before she started screaming.

“Where am I and why am I naked? And who the hell are you?”

Jess grabbed the blankets still wrapped around her and scrambled backward until she hit a wall.

“Just calm down for a minute, Jess. I’m Evan, remember?”

“No! I mean… maybe?” She realized he was only half dressed and panic washed over her again. “Where are your clothes? And where the hell are mine?!”

She heard footsteps coming at a dead run and the next thing she knew another man burst into the room. Jess squealed in fright and tried to stand up, slamming her head on the low ceiling. Stars burst behind her eyelids and she dropped back down to the bed with a cry of fear and pain.

“What the fuck did you do to her, Evan?” the new arrival bellowed.

“Nothing! Now will you shut up? You’re scaring her.”

“I’m scaring her? Really? I was up top when she started screaming.”

“Shut. Up. Rory,” Evan snarled and Jess could hear him moving on the bed. “Jess, sweetheart, it’s okay. You got taken out by a wave and we pulled you out of the water. You’re clothes are right over there, but they’re soaking wet. Are you remembering any of this yet?”

Jess opened her eyes slowly and found herself staring straight into the face of a dark angel. His black hair fell to his shoulders, and his eyes were the color of onyx. She could tell he hadn’t bothered to shave in a day or so, and the dark stubble added to the surreal sense of danger the man projected. Even stooped over to fit inside the strangely configured room, he looked absolutely huge and more than a little intimidating.

“Hi, Jess. I’m Rory.” The dark haired man gave her a slow smile and she felt her insides turn to molten mush. That smile transformed his face and softened the impact of his powerful presence.

“Uh, hi.” She tugged the blankets tighter around her and glanced over to Evan again. He was like sunshine after the storm when she compared him to Rory. He had sandy blond hair and a friendly smile that she recognized from the tumble of terrible memories that were all jumbled up inside her head. “You were the one that pulled me out of the water,” she said to Evan and he nodded, still watching her with concern gleaming in his sky-blue eyes.

“That’s right. Rory was there, too, but he was dealing with the boat, so I was the one who took you down here and got you warmed up.”

More memories came back and Jess blushed as she remembered being undressed and then burrowing into Evan’s arms.

Evan grinned and she found herself dazzled by his smile. “Oh yeah, it’s all coming back to you now, isn’t it?” he chuckled. “Now that we’ve established the fact that no one here’s an ax murderer, why don’t you lie back down and finish getting warmed up while I check to make sure you didn’t just give yourself a concussion.”

“I’ll do it,” Rory offered and the two men exchanged a look Jess didn’t quite catch the meaning of. It must have meant something, though, because Evan grinned and nodded before flopping back down on the mattress and patting the spot beside him.

“I’ll leave the first aid to Rory’s gentle touch, then. Come here, sweetheart. You’re nowhere near recovered yet. You need to rest.”

A fragment of another conversation popped into Jess’s head and she grinned at Evan as she carefully made her way back to his side. “I thought you said he was heavy-handed?”

Rory growled and Evan groaned with laughter. “Oh sure. You didn’t remember getting rescued, but you managed to remember me insulting his driving? You’re just going to be a world of trouble for us, I can already tell.”

Jess was intensely aware of Rory as he moved around behind her, and she felt a shimmer of heat dance over her skin as he gently stroked her hair and explored her scalp just around where she’d bumped it.
“You gave yourself a nice goose-egg, but I don’t see any blood.”

“So I’ll live?” She tried to keep her tone light, but she could hear the tremor in her voice. She hoped they’d think it was from the cold and not because of the effect the two of them were having on her.

Rory’s hands stroked over her wet hair and came to rest on her shoulders as he leaned down so his mouth was just beside her ear. “You’ll live, but only if you stop wandering out on the rocks during storm season. Promise me you won’t do that again.”

Adult Excerpt

 “Say it,” Rory instructed her in a commanding tone. “I want to hear you say it.”

Jess opened her mouth but no words came out. She didn’t know what to say, or how to say it. This was a whole new world for her and she was certain she was going to screw it up.

“They’re only words, sweetheart.” Ethan insinuated his finger the tiniest bit lower, parting her labia before he stopped moving again. “If you say it, Rory will let me reward you.”

Jess quivered and her gaze flew up to meet Rory’s.

“Tell me what you’re thinking, baby. Evan won’t move his hand until you do.”

Jess tried to buck her hips against Evan’s fingers, but he moved with her and laughed. “Now she’s cheating!”

“Jessica Jones, don’t you dare move until you tell me what you’re thinking!” Rory’s tone brooked no argument and Jess was stunned by the authority he poured into every word.

“I think you’re both gorgeous, and I really wish you’d hurry up and get undressed and get in here with us,” she babbled her answer and then added. “And no one has called me by my full name since I got too big to be spanked!”

Rory’s nostrils flared as he leaned forward, his hands still on the fly of his trousers. “Believe me, baby, you’re not too big to be spanked.”

Jess’s jaw dropped open and she stared up at Rory in shock. He couldn’t possibly have meant that…could he? Before she could ask Rory nodded to Evan and Evan’s fingers dove into her pussy, rubbing hard against her clit.

Jess moaned, her hips writhing against the pleasurable pressure. Rory finally moved his hands, undoing his pants and sliding them down his hips. Jess realized he wasn’t wearing any underwear, and her entire pussy clenched, her inner walls suddenly aching with the need to be filled. Rory’s cock rose up almost to his navel, the tip already engorged and gleaming with pre-cum.

Evan’s clever fingers were making it hard for her to think, but she managed to reach for Rory with trembling fingers, and he took her hand as he finished kicking off his clothing and stepped up and into the tub.

“Is she as responsive as I think she is?” he asked Evan.


“Then I think we should let her come before we start discussing how this is all going to work. A demonstration might help make things clearer.”

Jess whimpered as Evan kept stroking her clit, up and down in a slow, leisurely rhythm.

“Would you like that, Jess?” Rory asked, his tone dark and commanding. “And don’t you dare just nod. I want to hear you say it.”

“Yes, please.”

“Oh god, she said please,” Evan groaned and flicked her clit harder.

“Now that’s sexy.” Rory lowered himself into the water until only his head and neck were visible and Jess realized he was kneeling on the floor of the tub. “You got to taste her cute little toes, Ev. So I’m going to be the first to taste her pussy.”

“What?” The word flew out of her mouth before she’d thought of anything else to say.
“Trust me, we’ve got this.” Rory reached out and snagged her ankles in his hands, drawing her feet up to his shoulders. “You got her, Ev? We don’t want her getting a dunking or I think she’s going to have a few things to say to us.”

Evan’s fingers left her pussy and she bit back a mewl of frustration at the loss of contact. Evan reached up around her ribcage and then crossed his arms near the wrist so he had her in a firm hold, his hands eagerly cupping her breasts. “Got her,” he told Rory and brushed a kiss to the side of her mouth. “You may want to hold onto something, sweetheart.”

“Why would I—oh!” Jess exclaimed as Rory lifted her legs over his shoulders and moved toward her until her hips were just clear of the water and her pussy was a scant few centimeters from his mouth.

“That’s why.” Evan chuckled and pinched her nipples between his fingertips as Rory’s hands came over her thighs and parted her labia. Without another word Rory lowered his head and let his tongue swipe along the entire length of her pussy and Jess cried out at the pleasure of it.

She clutched at Evan’s wrists, bracing herself against the sensual onslaught that Rory’s mouth and tongue were unleashing on her clit.

Rory plunged a long, thick finger into her channel and groaned. “She’s so tight.” The words came out muffled, but Evan clearly understood because his arms tightened around Jess and he kissed her hard.
Jess’s body was a sponge, soaking up every glorious touch and sensation. Hands and mouths stroked and sucked until she was quivering and panting, suspended on the precipice of an orgasm. Evan lifted his head and stared into her eyes, his own gone a stormy blue-gray in his passion.

“I want to watch you come. I want to see your beautiful face when it happens.” He pinched her nipples harder than before. “Come for us, Jess.”