Monday, March 18, 2013

The trees are trying to kill me

Spring has sprung
The grass is riz
I wonder where my allergy meds iz.

Sometime in the past few days the pollen count went through the roof. According to Google and the Weather network, I can blame my stuffy nose, itchy eyes and other charming symptoms on alder, cedar and other tree pollens. *sniffle*

What did I do to the trees that they are trying to kill me? Did they not get enough hugs? Is this revenge for my starting to sale paperback versions of my books? Should I not call printed copies “dead tree versions” anymore?

Now please don’t think I am complaining about the lack of snow, ice and winter weather. I’m grateful to be putting my winter jacket away and going back to short sleeved shirts, but I would have liked at least a few days grace between the need to use lip balm to stop my lips chapping from the cold and the need to take antihistamines. 

The sunshine is invigorating though, and I'm looking forward to getting back outside and walking the neighbourhoods, enjoying the gardens and cherry blossom showers that will come in the next few weeks. It's good for the soul, and for my muse to get out of the office and breathe fresh air.  (not to mention good for my pudgy self to go get some exercise.) In fact I'm going to go outside right now and take a meander around the office garden. Of course, I'm not at all influenced by the fact the landscapers are out there right now, all youthful vigor and rippling... uh. No, not influenced by them at all. Inspired...maybe.