Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thursday Threads Flash Fic

Apparently I'm on a flash fiction roll!

Back with Siobhan Muir'sSiobhan Muir's contest this week, with Ann Mayburn judging.
Prompt: "It's uh...personal"


“Welcome to Proxima Station. Is your visit business or personal?” The droid’s programmed greeting was so chipper it made me cringe. 

“My visit? It’s uh…personal.” 

“Alrighty then. Your application has been cleared. Please enjoy your stay!” 

“Yeah, sure.” Who the hell came to the zero-g honeymoon hotspot of the quadrant for business? I waded through a sea of lovey-dovey couples & trios and quickly decided that coming on my honeymoon alone had been a very bad idea. 

This was supposed to be the best week of my life, a celebration of love and happily ever after. Instead, it was shaping up to be a week of eating ice cream and drinking myself to death at the zero-g bar. At least I still had Tad’s credit chip. Not that he knew that. Yet. 

“I hope she was worth it, buddy.” 

I was still cursing my cheating ex when I went to board the shuttle to my hotel, which was probably why I tripped and landed flat on my face at the driver’s feet. 

“Are you okay?” The driver had a nice voice, deep and gravelly. I knew someone who had a voice like that once. I screwed up and broke his heart. Karma had paid me back for that in spades.

“Nothing serious.” I wiped the blood from my split lip and look up into a pair of familiar green eyes. Jake. 

It looked like karma was balancing the scales again. This time, I wouldn’t screw it up.