Friday, April 19, 2013

A little flash fiction and a guest blogger announcement

Have you been checking out Siobhan Muir's Thursday Threads flash fiction contest? If not, why not? They're fun to write and fascinating to read. Siobhan is going to be guest blogging here on my blog on April 30th to talk about her newest novel, Not a Dragon's Standard Virgin. I can't wait to hear what her hero has to say when he comes by for an interview!

As you may have noticed from the pretty badge above, I won this week's contest, so I'm taking this moment to share the 250 word flash fic entry.

ID Please

“You must have been tagged at some point ma’am. It’s standard procedure.” The clerk was looking at me like I’d spawned two new heads.

“I’m telling you I’ve never been here before. I live out there.” I waved back towards the the line of jagged red rock that rose up out of the shattered ground, marking the beginning of the Dead Zone.
“No one lives out there. So please stop being difficult and tell me where you were last assigned living quarters and let me scan your tag.”

“Son, I’m telling you, I’ve never been tagged. Never been to a Fort until today.” Fortified Areas they called them. I called ‘em prisons. The walls and gates might keep the danger out, but they kept the living firmly trapped under the government’s boot heel. I had my share of prison in the before times, I had no desire to go back. But Jessica needed me, so here I was, arguing with an idiot to try to gain entry to a place I had no desire to be.

“You’ve never been to a Fortified Area?”

“Not even once.” I grinned and tugged at my white hair. “Thought I should probably do it once before I die, check it off the bucket list.”

“Uh…right.” Kid had no idea what a bucket list was. He’d been born after the Cataclysm, all he’d know is what the government funded schools had spoon fed into head. It was going to be a long damned day.