Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Eternal Bonds: Coming June 2013 - sneak peek

It's been a good week!  Riptide is out in two days and I just got an acceptance letter for Siren agreeing to publish Eternal Bonds, my vampire menage.

To celebrate, I"m going to post a quick peek into the world of Duncan, Tabi and Jared:

Sneak Peek: Adult Excerpt

“Duncan’s right, you talk too much.”  Tabi deliberately wriggled against Jared and grinned when she caught the sound of his breath hissing over his teeth.

 “You inspire me.”  Jared placed his hands between her thighs and spread her wide, rocking his hips so that the tip of his cock brushed over her slick entrance.

“Now who is teasing whom?”  Tabi lowered her head and tried to rock backward but Jared’s hands held her in place.

Jared finally eased himself into her body, moving so slowly that Tabi was trembling with need before he was halfway in.  Duncan’s hands kept up their tormenting touch, pinching and toying with her nipples until they felt hot and tingly.

“Please, stop teasing. Want you,” she whimpered and flexed the muscles of her pelvic floor so they tightened around Jared’s cock. 

“Witch, stop that!  I’m not going to stop teasing until you take back what you said about me talking too much.”

Tabi’s will weakened quickly. She turned her head to take back what she’d said just so Jared would finally give her what she so badly needed, but then Duncan released her and she glanced up to see him give her a wink, a wicked smile on his leonine face.

“You do talk too much,” Duncan announced and moved so quickly Tabi didn’t see more than a blur.  Jared’s cock slammed into her as Duncan came around to his shoulder him and clamped a powerful hand down on the younger man’s shoulder.

“But I know a way to shut you up.”  Duncan bit down on his own wrist and Tabi’s lust skyrocketed as Duncan pressed his bleeding wrist to Jared’s lips. Jared groaned as he lowered his head and drank. Tabi watched as Duncan’s fangs dropped and his eyes blazed like tiny suns. For a second their gazes met and he smiled, baring his canines before sinking them into the heavy muscle at the top of Jared’s shoulder. That’s when Tabi remembered what happened when a vampire bit a human being.

Jared’s moans were only partially muffled by Duncan’s wrist and his gray-green eyes widened and blazed with the same inner fire as the vampire standing behind him. His cock grew impossibly bigger and Tabi felt her body stretch and give way as Jared began fucking her hard. Her head bowed and she could only brace herself against the forceful drive of his hips as Jared pumped into her again and again, completely lost to the sexual frenzy Tabi had so recently experienced herself. Jared’s cock stroked her so deep he was hitting nerves she had never known she had, and every part of her pussy was throbbing in time to the wild, pounding rhythm of his thrusts. Strong hands gripped her hips, holding her in place as the room filled with the sound of flesh slapping flesh and the low howls of need being torn from Jared’s throat.