Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I’m not coming out there unless there’s chocolate

It’s been that kind of day. One of those days when it might have been best to stay under the covers and pretend the world outside didn’t exist. Even my horoscope more or less told me to stay in bed!

What’s so wrong with the world that I’m ready to flee reality for anywhere else? I wish I could say it’s a deep, meaningful issue, or a spiritual crossroads, or even something I could put into words, but I can’t. And when a writer says she can’t put it into words, you know something is seriously FUBAR, because that’s the definition of my job.

You know some days you wake up and the world just seems right? The morning sun has a glow to it and the birdsong at the window is clear and lightens your heart? One of those moments where it all falls into place and you get a sense of contentment that is never forgotten even after it’s gone? I’m having the opposite sort of day. Nothing fits. The world seems full of sharp edges and mismatched angles that refuse to fall into any sort of pattern. My mojo is mangled and my inner peace has a couple of pieces missing.

I know Mercury isn’t in retrograde anymore, the moon isn’t full and there’s been no reports of solar storms, so I’m not sure what is wrong, but my inner special snowflake is having a meltdown right now and it’s really not pretty to witness. I know this will pass, the birds will come back and the sun will shine again, but for today I think it might be safer for everyone if I just slipped into my writing cave and put up the do not disturb sign. At least that way only my characters are at risk, and I can always write them back to life tomorrow if I end up killing them today. With real people, it’s not quite that simple.