Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Angels and Daemons - revised versions now available!

In July, 2012 I took two of my favorite stories and made the decision to self-publish them through Amazon.

It's now almost a year later, and I am pleased  to announce that revised versions of  both Alistair's Bed and Malyk's Savation  are now available in e-book form at Amazon, along with shiny new covers by Christine Kirchoff!

And yes, they're still a steal at $.99.  

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Keri was just looking for a restoration project to distract her from the pain of her divorce and the loss of her grandmother. She thought she’d found the perfect distraction” an antique bed in need of some tender loving care. She would never have imagined her new project is more than just a bed, but the magical prison of an incubus.

Alistair has been bound to the bed for nearly two centuries by the spell of a long vanished sorceress, and he is starved for more than companionship and good conversation.  When the lust daemon awakens from his long slumber he is eager to taste the sensual passions of the bed’s beautiful but wounded new owner.

What begins as the need to feed soon turns into something far more serious, but what chance does an immortal daemon and a mortal have at finding happiness together?

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Book Two in the Daemons and Angels Series.

Raven Thorne has dedicated her life to Cat’s Cradle Sanctuary, her family’s rescue center for big cats. When an unscrupulous resort developer sets his sights on her family’s land, the gifted animal telepath finds her beloved sanctuary the target of sabotage. From power failures to unlocking the cages of her big cats, someone is out to destroy everything she cares about.

 Malyk is a daemon who long ago sealed off his heart and is looking for a reason to continue his immortal existence. When he comes across one of Raven’s charges wandering loose, he finds a purpose for his life, to protect the lovely mortal woman with a heart of gold and the courage of a lioness. He takes up the role of Raven’s protector outside the bedroom Malyk is the protector, but when he’s with his beautiful Raven, it’s the walls around his heart that are under attack.