Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Split Focus

This past weekend I finished one of my WIP’s and it’s sitting quietly on hold until a few other elements fall into place. With that project out of the way I was free to tackle a few others while I waited for the edits on Eternal Bonds to land in my inbox.

It’s not my usual style to juggle multiple projects. I tend see them through to completion, one after the other, but lately I’ve been working on more than one thing just to keep writing. When I hit a wall with one, I just switch over. It seems to be working too, though I did end up giving the wrong character an accent for a whole paragraph before I realized what I’d done. Oops.

As a result of this juggling, I found myself looking at the manuscript for Alistair’s Bed this weekend, with an eye to revising it. I will confess it was a bit scary to start looking over my first published work again. I’ve learned a lot since I first penned that tale, and I was not at all sure my ego was going to be up for a return visit. I’m happy to report my ego survived more or less intact, and I’ve opted to rework both of my Daemon and Angel series books, along with new covers and the whole shebang.  My goal is to have the new editions up on Amazon by July , 2013.

The other thing I’ve been working on is a novella which is now one third complete and should be submitted to my publisher by early June. It’s sci-fi, a genre dear to my heart but not one I’ve written in before, and I have had a lot of fun with it so far. The break has been good for me, but I have promises to keep and other series to get back to before the voices in my head start organizing a rebellion because they’re feeling ignored.

Eternal Bonds edits arrived this morning, and so for the next few days I’m going to be wearing a lot of different hats as I try to make progress on all my projects. It’s time to see just how many ways I can split my focus before something gets lost in the chaos. I’m betting it’ll be the housework. 

So what are all of you up to this week?