Thursday, June 20, 2013

Promo Day with Tonya Ramagos - Powerful Awakening

I am very happy to announce that today I have a guest!  The talented and lovely Tonya Ramagos! Take it away Tonya!

Hello readers! A very special thank you to Susan Hayes for allowing me to appear on her blog to tell you about my new release, Powerful Awakening, that hit the cyber bookshelves at Siren-BookStrand today! Powerful Awakening is book 2 of the L.U.S.T. series and also includes the special prequel short story Powerful Beginning.

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Chrystal Vaughn knows she’s walking a tight rope when she seeks Andrew Iverson’s help to rescue her cousin. What she doesn't expect is the intense power and deep connection she senses when she looks into his eyes or for those sensations to magnify to hormone-overwhelming levels when she meets Michael Delacroix.

The night Michael became a vampire he lost the man and woman he loved. Believing himself doomed to eternity without them, he channeled his powers to protect the human race. Now Andrew is back with Chrystal on his arm and Michael’s eternity is taking a new dangerous and erotically fantastical twist.

Andrew is a lycan. He knows Michael still lives, but guilt over their woman’s death has consumed him. When he finds their woman reincarnated, he must bring her to Michael. He hopes they can rekindle the love the three of them once shared, but he needs Michael’s help to protect Chrystal from the shifters that want him dead.


Satisfied, Chrystal smiled warmly at him before turning her attention back to Andrew. She had no sooner locked her gaze with his than he was pushing his cock inside her flaming channel. “Oh, yeah.” The words left her on a sighed breath of ecstatic pleasure and she pushed all thoughts of the outside world aside in favor of falling victim to the wondrous splendor of him.

Andrew took her slower than before, easing each rock-hard inch into her soaking channel, and finessing his way inside. His cock was long and wide, stretching her, filling her with such glorious completion, all she could do was let her head fall back on Michael’s chest and sigh.

“Yesss.” She hissed the word like a snake, drawing out the s as Andrew drew out that first pleasure of initial penetration for what felt like amazing, body-droning hours. She wished it could last for hours, but if this time proved like the last, she didn’t expect his control to hold for long.

Andrew buried his face in the side of her neck. “Gods, you feel good.” He’d stopped, his cock sheathed inside her channel until the bases of their bodies met. His breathing was labored and his heart beat in a wild cacophony against her breasts. “Hang on, Chrystal. Hold on, baby.”

Hang on? Not a chance. Hold on? She would absolutely hold on. She reached down his back to his buttocks, gripped them, and squeezed. His ass was as firm as the rest of him. She lifted her hips the smallest fraction she was able with him pinning her to the bed and Michael’s body. That small movement was enough to drive his dick another full inch inside her throbbing core.

Andrew’s head came up even as the beast inside him let out a roar that rumbled from his throat. The sound sent shivers of alarm racing with a dark erotic need straight to her soul. “Michael.”

Chrystal couldn’t tell if he’d said the other man’s name in a warning, a question, or some kind of order. She felt Michael shake beneath her and delighted in the sound of his soft laughter.

“I have her, lover.” Michael’s amusement rang in his words and his hands glided over her body to the juncture where her thighs and hips connected to hold her down. “Our wolf sometimes enjoys a little bondage play, my sweet,” he whispered against the side of her neck.

“You’ve been inside her,” Andrew ground through his teeth. “And I already know from the conversation in the parlor you had just as much trouble holding onto your control as I’m having now.”

“I did,” Michael admitted. “As I have always had when I have joined with either of you.”

Chrystal let the men talk, using the moment to explore her options. Michael might have been holding her still, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t move. She stared at Andrew and flexed the muscles of her channel around his shaft. His eyes glazed over and his body shook with the sound he made. She bit her lip to keep from laughing. Then, she forgot all about laughing when he eased his hips back, drawing his cock out several inches before thrusting inside her pussy once more.

“Ah, Gods.” The words sounded wrenched from her as his cock slid home and stopped yet again. Her fingers dug into his ass and she lifted her hips, testing Michael’s hold. It was solid and unyielding.

“Do that again and I’ll go off like a rocket,” Andrew warned her, his tone husky and tortured. “I’m not ready to do that yet.”

“Sorry.” She knew she sounded anything but. “You’re inside me, you and Michael were talking about me, but not to me. I was feeling a bit neglected here.”

“Then I should be the one to apologize.” He pulled back again, far enough this time that only the head of his cock remained inside her before he inched back in. “Are you still feeling neglected?”

His words were as labored as her breath and she barely heard them through the riot of invigorating charges shooting through her system. Slow. Tender. Damn it! He was actually doing it. He was managing to hold onto his control, easing in and out of her pussy at a pace slow enough to have her hormones stumbling and tripping over his cock. She wanted faster, needed that out-of-control Andrew who would fuck her to oblivion.

“No, I believe…I’ve got your…attention…nowww.” The last word turned to something oddly resembling a growl as he rocked her, gyrated inside her, and rubbed the base of his body against her swollen clit. His coarse pubic hairs abraded the tender flesh of her bare pussy in a delicious chafe that had her body reaching for the climax he was masterfully keeping just out of her reach.

“Andrew.” She caressed his butt cheek with one hand, then dug her fingers in hard for a quick squeeze.
“Hmmm, zh.” He sucked air through his teeth.

“Don’t make me call on my powers,” she began, then took a moment to simply moan because, oh, Gods, even with his slow, measured pace, it felt way too good, “to get you to move faster.”

Her warning had the opposite effect of what she intended. He stopped, this time only half inside her, and looked down at her with a wide, mischievous grin that teased her as much as his cock. She felt Michael shift behind her, then saw him peering over her shoulder, one sexy brow raised.

“What exactly are your powers, my sweet?”

“And will they hurt?” Andrew chimed in, apparently finding it difficult to speak and keep with his torturous rhythm at the same time.

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Tonya Ramagos is a best-selling author of erotic romance series such as The Heroes of Silver Springs, The Service Club, and L.U.S.T., as well as many single title romances. She also writes old west novels under the name Bonnie Parker. She is a full-time author writing exclusively for Siren Publishing, in her opinion, the absolute best publishing company in the business. An avid reader, hiker, and dart thrower, she lives in the Chattanooga Tennessee area with her boyfriend, their five children, and four cats.