Monday, July 29, 2013

Blind Bet - Another Sexy Snippet

Time for a more intimate peek into the lives of the crew of the Kessel Queen:

She laughed and brushed a kiss to Mattero's mouth. “You’re my sexy teddy bear. Now, put me down and let me get the rest of the guys organized.” 

“Did she just call three hundred pounds of torski a fraxxing teddy bear?” Jax asked the room. “G’arn, are you sure her vision’s okay?”

Mattero set her down slowly, letting their bodies slide together for several tantalizing seconds before her feet touched the ground. He stroked a four-fingered hand up her spine and then stepped away, looking far more confident and happy than he had been a short time ago.

“I hope one of you thought to bring barrier gel to this party,” she quipped as she walked over to G’arn, relishing the way all of their eyes followed her as she moved. She brazenly fisted his thick length and then stood on tiptoes to kiss him in greeting. “My wish is for you to take my ass.”

G’arn made a low, rumbling noise that sounded so much like a purr Laurli blinked in surprise. “Is that a yes?”

“Yes, vardi. “

“No way. You purr?” Jax managed to get the words out between gales of laughter. “Why did I not know this?”

“Because a pheran only kyrnns when they are with someone they desire greatly.” Laurli answered Jax without looking away from her silver-eyed lover. “I guess you aren’t G’arn’s type.”

“You know what kyrnning is?” G’arn’s beautiful eyes were wide with surprise.

“I do. I told you guys, I did research. Lots of research.” She moved her hand down G’arn’s cock to press a finger into a small notch just above the root of his shaft, and G’arn growled low in response. She pressed harder and he threw back his head and howled.

Re’veth! Where did you learn that?” he asked when he could speak again. His skin had darkened several shades and his dick had swelled in her hand.

“Damn, she’s dangerous.” Mattero muttered from behind her and she glanced back to see him laying on the floor, his cock in his hand as he waited for her to join him.

“Six months of involuntary celibacy, you have no idea how dangerous I am right now.”