Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blind Bet: Coming in September from SirenBookstrand

A little back story.  A few months ago I was invited to one of Lori King's picture inspired fiction posts, and the picture you see above was our inspiration. Well I liked that 300 word snippet so much I decided to expand it, and that story will come coming out in September, 2013. 

Blind Bet:  M/F/M/M/M, Sci-fi menage erotic romance

Four men, three days, one chance to win it all.

Technician Laurli Corbin has spent the past six months on an asteroid-mining ship on the far side of the galaxy. The problem is she is stuck with four hot men and under strict orders not to mess with crew morale. That means if she gives in to her desires she can only choose one, and that’s an impossible choice.
The captain has set strict rules that he expects his crew to follow, but when he and the other three men on board realize they have all fallen for the fiery beauty those rules come back to haunt him...

When a cosmic storm hits, fate conspires to put the crew to the ultimate test. The men are given one chance to change the rules and make a play that could give them all what they want most, but can they bet on losing the one thing that matters most?