Sunday, July 14, 2013

Promotion Day with Diane Leyne - Claimed by Wolves

Diane Leyne is here today and she brought along the heroine of her book: Claimed by Wolves, for a little Q & A.  Take it away Diane! 

Q:  So, Samantha, why did you move to Harmony?

Samantha:  I promised my late grandmother I'd spend a summer there.  My brothers and I grew up  not talking about our wolf-shifter heritage.  They had each other to help them deal with it, but as the only girl, I had no one to share the experience with.  Gram thought that I should spend time with others who were like me.

Q:  Does that mean you can shift into a wolf-dog?

Samantha:  Only the males can shift.  The females are stronger and healthier than normal humans, but other than that, we're just like anyone else.  Oh, and we can sense other shifters.

Q:  Why didn't you tell anyone about your heritage when you arrived?

Samantha:  I'd been brought up to be almost ashamed of my heritage.  My mother's father was a shifter, and he was always embarrassed by it and my dad was human and he didn't like to acknowledge that part of mom's background, so mostly we just didn't talk about it.

Q:  Tell me about the people you met in Harmony.

Samantha:  Well, first there's Lena, Penelope and Ginger who have the same heritage.  We've become best friends.  And then there's Ginger's cousins, the McAllister brothers.  They are shifters and they set their sights on me the moment I arrived.  At first I thought a fling would be fun, but they wanted so much more.

Q:  Oh, really?  Tell me more.

Samantha:  Well, there's five of them and they immediately decided that I was destined to be their mate.  Or at least four of them did, Gabe, the oldest brother and Alpha, had some reservations about whether a human could take on five brothers.  After all, mating is permanent.

Q:  Two questions:  Firstly, did you want to mate with them?  And secondly, if you did, how did you overcome Gabe's reservations?

Samantha:  Well of course I had reservations.  Being the sole mate of five hot and highly sexed shifters could take a lot of energy.  And the mating ceremony makes it permanent.  Once it's done, there's no going back.  As for Gabe, let's just say I taught him a lesson he'll never forget.

To find out more, you'll have to read my story:  "Claimed by Wolves", book 1 of the "Call of the Wolf" series, on sale now at  And look out for book 2, "Desired by Wolves", Lena's story, on sale July 15th.