Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Promotion Day with Laurie Roma - Deadly Target (IAD 3)

Deadly Target by Laurie Roma

Book Blurb:
IAD agent Mikayla “Lynx” Lincoln is in desperate need of a vacation after taking a bullet during her last mission. On orders to relax and recover, she's sent to a cabin in the secluded woods of Colorado for some peace and quiet. But her plans for a restful recovery are shot to hell the moment she crosses paths with former movie star Gage Stark.

Gage Stark is a man with a troubled past. After a brutal betrayal ended his promising acting career, he returned home to heal and start a new life. The moment Gage meets Mikayla, their chemistry is too strong to deny. Passion explodes every time they're together, and their volatile relationship is anything but quiet.

When a shocking discovery is made and secrets are revealed, trust is put to the test. Will Gage be strong enough to stand beside Mikayla and fight, or will his need to protect her shatter the fragile bond between them?


“What are you doing?”
“What does it look like I’m doing?” Mikayla whispered as her hands slid down his chest, over his taut abs until they reached the front of his jeans.
His breath hissed out as she began working the top button of his jeans open while her other hand stroked over the rigid length of his cock through the thin material. “Jesus, Mikayla. This room doesn’t have a lock. We can’t do this here.”
Mikayla laughed at the incredulous look on his face as she drew the zipper of his jeans down, allowing the thick, hard length of his cock to spring free. She took his cock in her hand, pleased that her fingertips didn’t touch around his thick shaft. She nipped at his chin with her teeth as she began stroking his cock, rubbing the pearl of pre-cum weeping at the tip with her thumb.
“Don’t tell me the great Gage Stark is worried about someone seeing us.”
His eyes widened in surprise even as the lust flared brighter in his emerald green eyes. “You aren’t?”
Mikayla shrugged. “You started this. Now I’m aching and want you to finish it. Finish me, come on, Gage. I dare you.”
Fucking hell, she was trying to kill him.
Gage’s breath left in a rush. Christ, he felt like someone had sucker punched him. His body burned with a possessive fire as his mind snapped off, and he began pulling at her pants with shaking hands. Thank god for elastic, he thought gleefully as he shoved the black pants down her legs easily, remembering at the last moment to be careful of the bandage on her thigh.
Fuck him, he wanted to devour her, to eat her up with big greedy bites. And he would, but not here. Not now when anyone could walk in and see them. He’d be damned if he let anyone see his woman naked.
And she was his.
God help her, he was hers, too. She literally had him by the cock, and he felt like he would die if he didn’t pound himself inside her until neither of them could move. His cock was throbbing painfully, wanting to be inside the tight depths of her pussy again.
Gage gritted his teeth as he felt his cock harden in her tiny hand as all the blood in his head rushed down to his groin. His erection was heavy, thick and pulsing, and ready to fuck her until she begged him to stop.
He stepped back, groaning as she refused to release his cock. Instead, she tightened her grip on him as he quickly removed her pants from one of her legs so he could spread her wide. He looked down at her pussy on display for him, wanting to pound himself inside that little hole. Hell, the entire bar could walk in at that moment and he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from fucking her.
He grabbed her hips and slid her forward so she was sitting at the edge of the table. She wound her long legs around him again, pulling him closer. His hand slid down stroking his fingers down her slit, spreading her juices. She used her legs to pull him tighter against her.
“Wait, baby. I gotta get you ready for me.” Gage breathed out on a laugh. “Don’t you want any foreplay?”
 “Fuck the foreplay. I want to feel you inside me again, Gage. I need it.”
Gage growled as he jerked her head back to once again feast on her mouth as she guided his cock into her hot, wet pussy. Breathing heavily, Mikayla moaned into his mouth as he slid forward, burying himself into her until the mushroomed head of his cock was tight against the entrance to her womb.
“God, you feel so good, baby. So tight and so fucking perfect. Your pussy hugs my cock like it was made to be inside you.” Gage’s voice was thick with lust. His bright-green eyes gleamed with a hunger he could barely control.
“Gage, I need you to…” Mikayla moaned.
“What, baby?” Gage growled. “Tell me what you need, and I’ll give it to you.”
Mikayla's eyes opened and narrowed on his face as she saw the tight clench of his jaw. He was making her crazy, and still he held on to the thin edge of his control. No, that wouldn’t do. If she had no control, then neither would he. She gripped his hair tight in her hand and bit down on his lower lip. “I need you to fuck me. Fuck me hard, Gage. Shove your big dick inside me and make me come.”
With no warning, Gage did exactly what she asked and began pumping hard into her, shoving his cock into her hot little hole, tearing a strangled scream from her throat that he muffled with his own mouth. He hummed low in his throat as he moved down, his teeth savaging her neck, nipping and lapped at the soft flesh there.
“Oh god,” Mikayla groaned, letting him know exactly what he was doing to her. “Gage, gimme more. Give it to me.”
Gage let out a vicious curse as his hips bucked, thrusting into her heat with startling force. Sweat dripped down his face as he continued to power into her. Her tight, wet pussy was gripping him so hard that he almost burst from the acute pleasure. Over and over he plunged into her tight, hot hole like a man insane, driven mad by his need for her.
Their mouths met again as he pounded his full length into her, stretching her tight hole around his invading flesh. He moved his hand to stroke his thumb over the hard crest of her clit, making her cry out in pleasure. His hips jerked back then forward again, reveling in the sounds she made as he fucked her. Riding her hard, he roughly shoved through her tight folds as pleasure streaked through his system, making him race to the finish, wanting, needing her with him when he came.
“Son of a…fuck!” Mikayla cried out as she came.
Gage watched the pleasure take her, watched her violet eyes go opaque and thought he’d never seen anything as beautiful in his entire life. He had to fight the urge to spill himself inside her at the feeling of her clenched around him.
And damn it, he needed to feel it again.
“Come again, Mikayla. Come for me again,” Gage commanded.
He desperately wanted to feel her come again, and that need drove him to fuck into her faster, harder. He needed to see that look of pure pleasure on her face again. A look that he put there. Her cries drove him insane, the bite of her nails gripping his biceps through his shirt made him ache to feel her hands on his flesh with nothing between them. Reaching down, he gripped her hip hard, holding her steady for his brutal thrusts, pushing them both toward the ecstasy that awaited them.

Mikayla levered up, legs wrapped tight around his hips, and bit down hard into his neck to still her cry of his name as she came again. Her tight channel gripped him hard with the force of her orgasm, milking him until he could no longer hold back.
“Mikayla! Baby!” Gage threw his head back, letting out the guttural yell as he shoved deep, his hard cock erupting, jetting his hot seed deep inside her. He wrapped his arms around her, holding tight to her as everything he was seemed to shatter.
Gage’s body slumped again her, his breathing heavy, but still he couldn’t seem to let go.
Son of a bitch, she was going to kill him.

The IAD Agency Series

The IAD Agency series novels are all stand-alone stories, but it is highly recommended to read them in order to get the most enjoyment from the series!

Check out book 1: Under Pressure and book 2: One Shot.

Book Blurb:
Jason MacBain is the perfect agent. Tall, dark, and deadly, he is a man who lives by simple rules—kill the bad guys and protect the world. Closed off from his emotions, Jason has never believed in love and doesn’t need anyone. But all that changes the night he meets Bella Moretti…

Isabella Moretti is a famous chef struggling to reclaim her life after she survives a vicious attack. Moving back to Chicago to recover and be closer to her family, Bella meets Jason and is frightened by the passion he stirs inside her. But now that Jason has found Bella, he is determined to claim her as his. And when her stalker reappears, Jason is under pressure to gain her trust, find a way to keep her safe, and do whatever it takes to end the threat to her for good.

Bella is forced to trust Jason with her safety, but does she dare trust him with her heart?



Book Blurb:
Tara Toshi is a woman on the edge. Code name 'T-rex', Tara is one of the elite agents of the IAD Agency, modern day warriors tasked with taking down terrorists and keeping the world safe. She doesn’t believe that happily ever after exists for her, until her world collides with corporate tycoon Julian King…

Julian King is the owner of a multi-million dollar hotel empire and personally runs the Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. He is a man who rules his kingdom with an iron grip and knows that the house always win. But when he meets agent Tara Toshi all bets are off. As a terrorist plot threatens his city, Julian realizes that he is also jeopardy of losing his heart.

Passion explodes every time Tara and Julian come together, but can she risk taking this one shot at finding happiness and give her heart to a man she barely knows?