Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Standing up and Speaking Out

Alternate title:  People are getting ruder and I'm losing my tolerance for a**hattery.

Some of you might remember a while back I blogged about a bully at the local grocery store and the fact that I intervened. Rather surprising given the fact I actually have social anxiety issues, but some situations seem to block out that particular demon, at least temporarily.

Last night, it happened again. Some incredibly rude jerks were actually screaming at a girl at the local Wendy's. Not just screaming, berating, cursing and doing their best to intimidate her and anyone else in the general vicinity. Children were clinging to their mothers and no one did anything...until I finally had enough. That's when all 5'3 of me straightened up and barked in my best "coach/I worked with cops for years" voice, "That's enough! There are children present, stop scaring them!"  to a man with a shaved head who had to be 6'2 and built like a brick outhouse. Not my smartest move ever, but cripes!

One of the drama queens stomped off, hat on backwards and skateboard in hand, ranting about the injustices of the world as if waiting in a line up at a fast food restaurant was the hallmark of the end of days. The other guy? The big one? Yeah, he told me to shut up and go eat. Charming.  I pointed out I couldn't, as his hissy fit had slowed everyone's service down even further. He did stay quiet for a whole 2 minutes, long enough for me to get out of the way before he went off again and ended up being refused service. It was disgraceful, rude behaviour and I cannot believe I witnessed it.

What's worse, is I saw this crap twice yesterday. The other incident happened online, when an author introduced themselves in a yahoo group and proceeded to attack and berate every other member of the group while lauding their own brilliance. It was an ego trip run amok, and to make matters worse, there was something deeply disturbing about the level of personal information this person was demanding. Not asking, demanding the other writers provide. Some of the amazing ladies I have the honor of writing with took a stand and told this new author to quit being so rude, and that was when one of them made a discovery confirming what we already suspected. The author was a man, hiding behind a female pen name. There's nothing wrong with a man making that choice, but to try to maintain the facade when in an author only loop, while pushing the female writers for personal information? Not so much okay as creepy and several shades of "ew."

I took the info we found, worked some Google-fu, and found a complete news article, complete with picture of our "female" author holding his book in his hands. Needless to say, bullshit was called, and now the person in question is on moderation due to his actions. Again,  rude, arrogant, bullying behaviour that was utterly disgraceful to witness.

This world is simple really,  be NICE to people and for the most part, they will be nice to you. There is nothing at Wendy's worth losing your shit over, and there's nothing at all to be gained by being an arrogant, pedantic liar when you're seeking to connect with people who share your career path. That shit comes back to bite you in the ass. It's called Karma, and she drives a really big bus.