Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lovestruck Giveaway Hop

Lovestruck and Weak-kneed

What book made me go a little gooey in the brain pan and weak in the knees? I’m glad you asked.

The book is Riptide
The names of the heroes who took my heart and ran away with it?  Rory Frazier and Evan Sinclair. Yes, there are two of them, and they compliment each other so well I couldn’t pick one without the other. That’s okay though, because neither could the heroine, Jessica. I fell more than a little in love with these two men, and part of me wishes I could trade places with Jessica.

Strong, proud and fiercely devoted the ones they love, Rory and Evan are creatures out of myth. They’re selkies: shapeshifters that have left the sea to live as men. They’ve been looking for the one woman who will complete their triad, but when they find her, she’s nothing like they were expecting and more than they ever dreamed of.

Rory Frazier: "You've got us now, though, baby. You're not on your own anymore."

Evan Sinclair: "Holy shit, there's a goddess in our room."



Jess started moving around the kitchen like a hummingbird, flitting here and there with what he could clearly see was nervousness. Taking the bull by the horns, he stepped into her path just as she turned to hand him several wine glasses. She squawked with surprise and started to step backward, but Evan moved with her across the floor until she bumped up against the cabinets.
“Sweetheart, relax.” He took the glasses and set them down on the nearest countertop. He grazed his knuckles down her cheek and marveled at how soft her skin was.
“I’m not used to having anyone else in the kitchen, that’s all.”
“Liar,” Evan used his arms to cage her in as he stepped in close enough their bodies were connected from thigh to chest. “You’re feeling exactly the same thing we are, aren’t you?”
“I—what?” She blinked up at him, confusion and desire at war in the depths of her crystalline eyes.
Unable to resist, Evan dipped his head and feathered a delicate kiss over her trembling lips. She tensed and lifted her hands to his chest, but instead of pushing him away, her fingers curled into his shirt and held on.
“So what happened to our plan to go slow and easy?” Rory asked dryly from somewhere behind him.
Evan grinned down at Jess’s flushed face and stood up slowly, happy to note she didn’t move her hands from his chest. “Change of tactics.”
“You two had a plan?” Jess asked as her curious gaze darted between them.
“Not so much a plan, really. More a fervent hope you’d still be interested in getting to know us better.”


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