Friday, August 9, 2013

Milestone Musings and a Thank You to my readers (and everyone else)

One year ago today I checked my email box to find something I had never seen before. A letter of acceptance from a publisher. I swear I screamed like a little girl who has discovered Santa left her a unicorn under the Christmas tree.

I will love him and squeeze him and call him Horny!

I had heard back from publishers before, but it had always been to turn down my manuscript. They did it nicely, I got valuable feedback, but they were rejections none the less. Not this time. This time, someone said yes, and Whispers in the Dark was going to be published. And that was when the real work began.

Twelve months ago I was a writer with two self published books under my belt and a collection of rejection letters that were just encouraging enough to push me to do better and try harder. Today I am a multi-published author with ten books either published or contracted and the eleventh nearly finished. (At least the rough draft.) I'm busy, I'm sleep deprived and over-caffeinated, but most of all, I am grateful.

I am grateful to my readers who paid me the ultimate honor by buying my books and immersing themselves in my world. Stories are magical things, they need an audience in order to come to life. So I ow you all my thanks for bringing them alive in your imaginations.

To the veterans who helped me learn the ropes, thank you for answering my questions and encouraging me as I figured out how to navigate this amazing and sometimes terrifying new world. I promise I'll pay it forward.

To the friends I have made in the writing world. You're all amazing. Special hugs to Laurie Roma, Erika Reed, Hennessee Andrews and Lori King, the other authors in the Sunset Point series (coming the week of Sept 16th - 19th)

For the ones who know and love me in the real world, my family and friends. Thanks for the love, support and your patience with the long nights, constant need to talk about plots, and everything else that comes from having a writer in your life.

A year ago today, I became a professional romance writer. I'm going to drink a toast to that tonight. And then I'm going back to writing a hot sex scene between two selkie men and their mate, involving peppermint schnapps and a pool table.

Man, I love my life.

Thank you for helping me get to live it this way.