Monday, August 5, 2013

Windswept - Snippet time!

I am hoping to finish up Windswept, Kismet Cove Two, in the next week or so. I thought it was time to give you a sample of Tucker, Byron and Vivian's story.

* * * *
(caution, contents unedited. Proceed at your own risk!)

Viv had her sweater over her head before she hit her bedroom door, and she tossed it on the bed as she kicked the door closed behind her and started shedding her jeans. That was when the phone rang. “Shit!” She yelped as she tried to walk over to her cell while hobbled by her pants. She managed an awkward skippity-hop that got her within reaching distance and snagged it. It was Byron.
“Hey there. How was the drive?”
“Good. Did you sprint for the phone or something? You sound out of breath.” His tone lowered. “Or does just hearing my voice do that to you?”
“Your voice does all sorts of things to me, but I’m out of breath because I’m racing Tucker to the hot tub and you caught me while I was changing.”
There was a moment’s pause and then he asked, “So, what are you wearing right now?”
“I cannot believe you are asking me that!” She managed to reach down and tug her jeans off. “I was half dressed….now less than that.”
“Fuck!” he swore. “Now I’m going to be thinking of that all night.”
“You asked! And since you’re already thinking about me, you might as well get the details right. I’m in a black bra with red polka dots, and matching lace underwear.”
She heard Byron groan and had to bite back a satisfied snicker as he muttered, “You are not playing fair, slim.”
“Who said anything about playing fair? I’m just making sure you’re still game to take me out on that date when you get back.”
“I can’t wait. Speaking of dates, how are things going with you and Tucker?”
“We’re having a really good time,” she said, trying to ignore the weirdness of discussing her date with the other guy she was seeing. They’re okay with this, she reminded herself.
Hell. It was their idea!
“Good.” He sounded relieved. “So no need for the bear spray?”
“Not yet anyway.” She laughed. “Night’s still young though.”
He barked with laughter. “Yeah, better keep it handy. I should let you go. I just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you.”
Her heart swelled a little at his words. “I miss you too. When are you due back?”
“No later than Thursday. They’re actually forecasting heavy snow by that afternoon, so I will be back before the storm hits. That’s the plan anyhow.”
“Call me tomorrow?” she asked.
“You bet. I’m off to have a cold shower Miss polka dot bra and panties.”
“Good night, Byron.”
“Night, slim.”
She hung up the phone and made quick work of changing and then ducked into the bathroom to brush her teeth and snag her bathrobe off the back of the door, along with a couple of towels. When she reached the end of the short hallway she stopped dead in her tracks and stared. Usually a guy looked bigger dressed, but not Tucker. 
Wearing nothing but a pair of swim trunks, he seemed to fill up the cabin. He was standing with his back to her, arranging their drinks on a tray he’d managed to find. So far he hadn’t noticed her arrival, and so she took a moment to enjoy the view. He was as powerfully built as she had imagined, and the tribal tattoo that started just below his ear covered his back, shoulders and both arms down to his biceps. The black lines vanished beneath his trunks and reappeared on his right thigh. He was like a living sculpture, and she thanked the goddess and all her faces that he was hers.

At least for now.