Friday, September 13, 2013

A quick and dirty update & a Sunset Point Teaser

I know I've been quiet this week, at least on the blog, but there was a reason. Actually, there were a bunch of reasons, all of them good news!

The week started off with a bang. First, Blind Bet hit Siren-Booktrand's top five best sellers list for both the Science-Fiction and Futuristic genres.

Monday afternoon, Siren launched the entire Sunset Point series for presale, and the response has been more than we could have hoped for. As of this morning, the entire series has made Siren's fourteen day top seller's list, and we're still in pre-sales! The series starts going live Monday, with Breaking Point coming out on Thursday.

Wednesday Siren sent me an acceptance letter for Windswept, the second book in the Kismet Cove series. Release is tentatively scheduled for December, 2013. The contract is signed and the deal is done, and I can't wait for you to get to read Vivian, Tucker and Byron's story.

With all the new releases, I've been busy setting up promotions and blogs and generally running around like a headless chicken, but between promos and blurbs I have been working on a new series of novellas. Summoned is the name of the series, and Summoned & Sold will be coming to Amazon in the next few weeks, once the artwork is done and it's been through final edits. I am working on Summoned and Stolen right now, and hopefully will have that out later in October. These are going to be M/F, sword and sorcery fantasy type romance stories and I will be publishing them directly to Amazon.

All in all, it's been an incredible week. Thank you all so much for making this possible!


And here's your teaser:

The waiters were just bringing out the appetizers when the bombshell hit, and Beau suddenly knew what it meant when people said their jaws dropped to the floor in shock. For the first time in his life, his mouth fell open and the ability to form words left him. Standing at the doorway, looking more than a little lost, was the one person he wanted to see more than anyone else in the world. Lexa Fox had come back to Sunset Point.

Still unable to make his mouth work, Beau jabbed Diego in the arm and then pointed to the door in mute shock as Maria started to giggle. His best friend’s mouth seemed to be working fine because he caught a string of Spanish curses flowing from Diego’s lips as he stared in disbelief at the apparition at the doorway.
Her hair was the same jet black as he remembered, and her wide gray eyes still dominated her sweet face, but the gawky girl of his memories had been transformed into a curvaceous goddess that made Beau’s dick stand up and take notice.

She was wearing something dark blue and flowing, low cut enough that Beau could see that puberty had been more than kind to Lexa. It had been downright generous. The dress flattered her figure and he was tempted to stand up and see if her legs were as gorgeous as the rest of her, but before he could Maria put a hand on his arm.

“Down, boy. You look like about ready to charge across the room and jump her. You want to dial it back a bit before you scare her away? Geez, and I thought you were the calm one.” Maria nodded to Diego, who was currently being held in place by both of his younger brothers, their hands on his shoulders the only thing keeping him in his chair. “If you had stuck around the other night, she was there at the Kraken. I take it neither of you had a clue she was back in town?”

“Nuh uh. We had no idea.” Beau’s mouth was working again, after a fashion. “Damn, she looks good.”
“Better than good,” Diego agreed, still drinking in the sight of her. She’d worn her hair down loose and Beau was pleased to see she wore it long. He liked long hair on his women. It gave him something to wrap his fingers in when he was kissing them.

The thought of kissing the beauty standing across the room had all the blood in his body surging to his cock and Beau knew he was in serious trouble. No woman had ever made him this hot, not even as a horny teenager. Then again, none of them had been Lexa Fox, the girl he’d be dreaming of since the day she’d disappeared out of life.