Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cupcakes and Chaos

Coming back after a long weekend is never easy. Coming back after three days of while knowing that you have three days of spread sheets and data entry and reconciling balances sheets vs bank deposits will make one consider staying in bed with the covers over one's head. (at least in my case.)

I already knew Tuesday was going to be a doozy of a day going in. Mother Nature added her two cents by ensuring that it was dark, dismal and pouring with rain. Rain that was soaking the grass, making mud out of parks, and ensuring that my boss's seven year old daughter's birthday party could not be held outdoors as planned. Did you sense what's coming next? I didn't.

Seventeen 5-7 year old girls invaded the office by noon, hyper as hell and ready to party. Yes, the party was relocated to our office board room, and no, the fact that it was downstairs from where I was wading through a sea of paperwork did in no way diminish the noise level. Victorian homes are not known for their soundproofing. Hell, I think even the ghosts were traumatized. 

Highlights of the festivities are as follows:

Birthday girl and several friends slip into the upstairs (where they have been told not to go) on tiptoes. I hear "Shhhhh that's Susan. She's working. so be quiet" and thus I pretend I not to notice them. They then go over to Daddy's desk, where she proudly points out the urn containing the family dog's ashes. (He was recently put down) and I hear "That's Homer. He stays here 'n guards daddy."  I turn around just in time to ensure Homer's urn is placed back on the desk...before they are successful in their attempts to  open it. 

Sometime later the distinct sound of many little girls chanting "Kill it! Kill it!" can be heard. I idly wondered if they meant the pinata...or the 10 month old little brother present. Thankfully it was the pinata, and I suspect the neighbours will be very cautious around us for some time to come as the chanting kept up for 10 minutes, evoking memories of "Lord of the Flies."

At one point Mom arrived upstairs to take a sanity break and offered me a cupcake. She then handed me the 10 month old lad and disappeared...and stayed gone for the next fifteen minutes. Just when I had suspected I had been duped, she returned to rescue me from short, squirmy and full of drool...with my cupcake!  Yes, I'm easily appeased. Best trade I made all day. 

The boardroom rug is scheduled to be taken away to be professionally cleaned tomorrow. It, and my hearing are the only casualties to date. 

Next year, I'm going to suggest they book a pizza party.

 Somewhere far away from the office.