Sunday, September 22, 2013

Six-Pack Stud-a-thon Blog Hop and Giveaway

Jeremy Renner - Avengers

When the time came to write this post, I had a hell of a time narrowing my choices down. Thanks to my writing, I have a computer that is very nearly overflowing with…let’s call them “inspirational research” pictures of men in varying states of undress. Who was I going to write about? How could I choose?

I started Googling the names that popped into my head, and that’s when it clicked. The first four names I entered all had one thing in common. They played characters who were archers. Apparently I have a thing for boys with bows and didn’t know it until now…huh.

The other thing all these actors have in common…they’ve all played superheroes of one type or another. What does this all lead me to realize? I clearly need to write a series about a Robin Hood type hero, and soon!

I write romances in a number of genres, but no matter whether the heroes of my stories are aliens, humans, werewolves or vampires, they do have a few things in common with the actors I am featuring in this blog, or at least, with the characters they're portraying. 


They are all honorable. They might be soldiers, police officers or renegades who live by their own rules, but they are men of honor at their core.

Stephen Amell - Arrow

Karl Urban - R.E.D, LOTR, Judge Dredd


What kind of a hero would he be if he lacked courage? Certainly not the kind we want to read about. They have to be brave enough to do whatever is needed to get the job done, even when the fight is going against them. 

Norman Reedus - The Walking Dead

Karl Urban - The Lord of the Rings


Not just of the body, although that’s certainly a requirement! My heroes need to have the strength to make the hard choices, to fight for what they want. They have to be able to protect the women they love, even when that woman is fighting at their side.

Stephen Amell demonstrating his strength

Jeremy Renner - Avengers

And before I end this post, some of you may be wondering why I included Karl Urban, who has never played an archer.  In response, I give you this photo from his appearances on Xena: Warrior Princess. Where he played the most famous archer of all, Cupid. 

Karl as Cupid


As part of this hop, I am giving away prizes!  One winner will be getting an e-copy of any two books in my back catalog!  CLICK HERE for the list. Just leave a comment mentioning what gets you going when it comes to your fantasy men. Eyes? Hair? Tattoos? Let me know! And don't forget to leave an email so I can contact you if you win! 


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