Friday, October 25, 2013

I've been musenapped

That's me on the right. 

Eleven days ago things were ticking along nicely. My vacation plans were shaping up, my current WIP, Summoned and Stolen, was on track and I had not yet succumbed to the flu that would soon make my life miserable. Then, inspiration hit.

Usually when someone refers to inspiration hitting, they mean an idea came to them, wafting into their mind on a gentle breeze. Perhaps a plot bunny hopped by and wiggled it's fluffy tail in invitation to follow. What happened to me was a little different. It was more that the plot bunny was driving a runaway freight train when it hit and I've been it's hostage ever since. (It's a very scary plot bunny...BIG teeth!)

My muse hasn't let up since the idea came to me. Not for a single moment. I eat..she plots. I try to sleep, she fills my dreams with thoughts of the characters. I go to my day job and find myself making notes on the margins of my desk blotter. As a result, there's a good chance that the rough draft of this story will be done by the end of the weekend, which will make it the fastest story I have ever written. Along the way several other characters appeared and demanded to be introduced, so what started off as a plot bunny on steroids is now looking to be a series of contemporary stories. Hopefully the muse and her accomplice, the plot bunny let me off the train so I can finish Stolen and get back to work on my other projects once this tale is told. 

If you haven't heard anything by this time next week. Send in a rescue team. Preferably made up of men who look something like this...