Monday, October 28, 2013

Windswept - Cover Reveal and a Snippet

Windswept: Kismet Cove 2
Coming November 27th to Siren-Bookstrand

Vivian, Tucker and Byron's story has been written. I'll be putting up excerpts and more snippets in the coming weeks, but for today I thought I'd start by showing off the cover and giving you a peek. This scene is from Jessica, Rory and Evan's wedding. (the end of Riptide - Kismet Cove 1)


Vivian got halfway to the bar when a hand touched her shoulder and she turned to find herself staring into Byron’s green eyes.

“Hello, gorgeous,” he said, his gaze full of admiration. “You looked good in black leather the other night, but now you look incredible.” Despite the short notice Viv had managed to find a backless sheath dress in a shimmering silver fabric that worked with the color theme of the party and looked damned good. Every penny now missing from her savings account felt very well spent as she saw the heat in Byron’s eyes.

“You look pretty fine yourself, but I’ll confess I’m disappointed you aren’t wearing a kilt.” The truth was he looked incredible, like he’d walked off a photo shoot for a men’s magazine. He was wearing  slacks, a pinstriped dress shirt and a tie that was already showing signs of being tugged at more than once. Instantly her head was filled with a dozen wicked ways she could rumple up his outfit even more. 

“He doesn’t have the legs for it.” Tucker’s voice rumbled near her ear and his hand touched her back, just between her shoulder blades. “Hello, trouble. I have to say, I like your dress even better from this angle.” His fingers traced up her spine and she knew he was following the lines of the Celtic-style dragon tattoo that covered her left side. The tail started at her tailbone and the dragon’s head rested on her shoulder blade. “Nice ink,” he commented as his fingers continued up to the nape of her neck, leaving shimmering tendrils of heat in their wake.

“Hi Tuck—wow!” Was all she could say as she turned around to greet him and saw what he was wearing. Black wasn’t really a wedding color, but in his case she was going to make an exception. Black shoes, black hose that turned over just below his knees, and oh goddess, a black leather kilt. His black silk shirt was made in a flowing, old-fashioned style, complete with laces instead of buttons.
With his tattoos and brow ring he looked like a sexy mash-up of a highlander and a pirate, hitting damned near all Viv’s sexual fantasies at the same time. She gathered her wits and tried to think past her suddenly throbbing pussy, but it wasn’t easy. She finally took a step back and then eyed him from toes to nose before nodding in approval.

“He dressed up just for you,” Byron informed her as he stepped to her side and offered her his arm. “He doesn’t wear a skirt for just any woman, you know.”